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How To Do A Quick Car Safety Check

A quick car safety inspection is always recommended every time you use your car but no one hardly do it even when going for long trips.
How many people nowadays even check if they have enough fuel or replenish the water in the windshield washer bottle? A quick car safety inspection is always recommended every time you use your car but no one hardly do it even when going for long trips. What many people don’t realize is that spending a couple of minutes doing car inspection could prevent a lot of road mishaps or get you out of one with minimal injury and damages. If you don’t wanna be the one ending up sorry later and have someone telling you I told you so, make it a habit to at least do the following whenever you’re taking your car out for a ride.

Tires heat up and wears faster on long trips, add that to a hot weather and you’re a sure candidate for blowouts. So you better see to it that you’re not driving with really worn tires, if you are then replacing them before you leave is a must. Doing visual inspection will also keep you aware of wear, cracks, slipped belts, bulges or other abnormalities when it comes to your tires. Moreover, don’t neglect your spare. If you have a properly inflated spare then you can change your own tire when the need arise and save you tow bill or road service call.

Under The Car
Since you’re already kneeling by the tires, then might as well take a quick look under to see if there’s any oil or coolant leak.

Windows And Mirrors
Your car windows and mirrors help you see the road clearly from all necessary angles. So don’t underestimate their importance. All you have to do is make sure they’re clean and not blurry from dust and dirt and if there are no cracks as those things can affect visibility.

As mentioned above, visibility is vital when you’re driving, so if your windshield wipers are failing already then replace it. To see if they’re still good, you just need to run your fingers along the rubber part to make sure they’re still supple to touch. If they’re hard then it’s time for replacement. Don’t wait until you’re driving on a rainy day and the wipers can’t clear the windshield before you realize how important it is not just for car grooming but also for your safety. It’s worth checking the windscreen washer works too.
The Fluids
While learning to change your fluids is a different thing, you should at least know how to see if you’re running low or it needs to be changed or if there’s  a leak. Clutch fluid, which is often the same with brake fluid, coolant, windshield wash and power steering fluid should be at appropriate level, especially if you’re going on a long ride. Otherwise you’d be risking accident or breakdown on the road.

The Lights
Sit in your car, turn each light or signal and have someone see if they’re working or not. Don’t settle with blinking lights; if they’re not fully functional replace the bulbs. Don’t wait until it’s time to go before you do this because it takes time. Bringing spare bulbs for each light won’t hurt either, just in case.

Not to be too morbid but your seatbelt is the only thing that’s keeping your head from smashing onto the windshield and be thrown completely out of the vehicle in case of a collision. So always check of it locks properly and give it a tug to see if it still has a good resistance.

Driving doesn't seem like a life-threatening activity because you’re essentially just going from one place to another. But even when you’re already at your destination and parking your car, an accident can still happen. Doesn't matter if it’s a minor accident or not but the point is, as a car owner, you’d want to avoid it as much as possible. Not only because your life and others life can be put at risk but also because it may mean hefty car repair cost as well as other damages. So, aside from investing in a better car complete with the latest safety features like front crash avoidance system and active blind-spot detection system, it helps to perform quick check before going out to see if there are any problem that may lead to an accident on the road.


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