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Things You Need To Learn About Paint Protection Film

 here are the things that you need to learn about it to get a better idea of what you’re getting out of investing in this procedure.
It sucks to find a scratch on your car, even if it’s so tiny right? Well, getting an unsightly scratch on your car’s paint is never fun because touching up even the smallest one cost time and money. So why not invest in a paint protection film for your car and avoid paint damage in the first place. Sounds good right? But for those who have no idea about paint protection film, it’s normal to feel hesitant about it. So here are the things that you need to learn about it to get a better idea of what you’re getting out of investing in this procedure.

1. Not All Paint Protection Products Are The Same
Don’t just settle with a known product because it’s what popular. Always shop around and compare price and quality. Sometimes a different store offer discounts that other stores don’t or carry better kinds of paint protection product. Until you find the best one for your needs and budget, keep looking around.

2. Prevention Is Better Than You But It’s Not Too Late For Older Cars
Like most things, prevention is better than cure. A good paint protection system should protect your car long-term. However, if you haven’t protected your car from day one – a good system should be able to improve your car considerably, with a notable difference and also continue to further protect your car from the day you have applied the paint protection product. 

3. You Shouldn't Settle With Car Waxing
Most people love shiny cars because it makes the car look expensive and sleek. To achieve this look, they often opt to wax their car because we all know wax can help give that sparkling effect. However, the problem with this is that it is temporary and easily melts especially when constantly exposed in the sun. A much better option will be paint protection because it can provide the same luster for your car but is more durable compared to wax so it last longer.

4. Dirt Can Damage Your Paintwork
People don’t just seek car servicing in Singapore due to engine problems, more often than not it’s due to exterior damage from different kinds of dirt like grease, grime, and bird poop. When left unattended for extended period of time, they can cause serious paint damage on your car. Avoid the stress and unnecessary expenses by keeping your vehicle clean. 

5. There Are Reasons Why Car Dealers Tend To Be Drawn Towards Certain Products
Popular car dealers have to take care of their reputation if they want to stay on top of their business. In order to do this, they have to maintain the quality of products and services that they provide. This is why they only use good paint protection products that gives an incredible glass shine and maintains the value of your new car.

6. A Car’s Paint Work Helps Maintain Its Value And Can Increase Resale Value
Every time you do something on your car to either upgrade its look or performance, it either maintains or increases its value. By deciding to invest in paint protection film you are definitely increasing its value because this prevents exterior damage while making your car look attractive!

7. It’s Totally Unnoticeable
Worried the film will be visible? Worry not because it won’t be! Just make sure you’re using high quality brand and have a professional apply it for you to ensure a smooth finish.

8. It’s Very Reliable Because It Was Originally Developed To The U.S. Military
When equipment, tool, or anything is designed or intended to be used for U.S. military, you know the quality is good. So you can rest assured that you spent your money well.

9. Custom Installation Offers Better Protection
Okay, maybe you’re a bit reluctant to avail custom installation because you know it costs more and you want to save money as much as possible. But, remember that smart investments, in terms of paint protection, are those where you spend quite a bit but offer better fit and best coverage which you know will last longer.

Whatever the problem with your car’s paint, do not wait too long to get it fixed, especially if the car’s body has been exposed. If you wait until chips and dings on your car turn into rust before you take care of it, prepare yourself for bigger problem and heftier car repair costs. Without protection, the bodywork of the car can begin to corrode. Regular cleaning and drying of the car will be sufficient to handle most problems. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to inspect your car for more serious damage.

Here are more reasons for you to want paint protection film installed on your car and realize how much you and your ride will benefit from it more than you thought it would!

Martes, Enero 8, 2019

Reasons Behind Poor Fuel Economy

we cannot deny how convenient it is to have your own car. But if you start being aware of these poor fuel economy culprits, it should help you make necessary changes and adjustments to improve your car’s fuel efficiency which in return helps you save money, not to mention the overall running condition of the vehicle.
Aside from being stuck in traffic, accidents, price tag, maintenance expenses, and car repairs, what do you think is another reason why people are reluctant to buy a car? Gasoline price! Yes! In case you’re not aware, it can be a pain and isn't likely to go significantly cheaper anytime soon. However, we cannot deny how convenient it is to have your own car. But if you start being aware of these poor fuel economy culprits, it should help you make necessary changes and adjustments to improve your car’s fuel efficiency which in return helps you save money, not to mention the overall running condition of the vehicle.

I know, it feels cool to drive fast, it makes you feel like a bad ass racer, but it lowers your gas mileage by 33% at highway speed and 5% around town. So unless it’s an emergency, you might want to slow down.

Skipping Regular Maintenance
This one benefits your car’s overall performance, which is good because if the vehicle is at its tip-top shape then it’ll also mean better gas mileage. Better not skip on your car servicing appointment.  Any experienced motorist can appreciate the value of car maintenance. They understand that if problems are diagnosed and rectified on time, it can save a lot of money, time, and most importantly, stress! Getting your vehicle regularly serviced means you won’t be running it down like so many other motorists do. Running on low fuel, running on tires with little to no treading, running with no coolant – these are things that can and will increase the amount of money you put into your car and consume more gasoline which also costs a ton over time.

Defective Fuel Injectors
If your fuel injectors are faulty and insufficient fuel is being injected into the engine, your car won’t run efficiently. A less efficient engine means increased fuel consumption.

Clogged Air Filters
If the air filter is not in its best condition, meaning it’s clogged or too dirty to produce clean and cool air to mix with fuel to create combustion, the more gasoline your car consumes. In the long run, it pays to check it regularly and change when it gets dirty. The manual that comes with the car usually have instructions for changing your engine air filter as well as mileage estimate on how often should you replace it. That should come in handy since it’s imperative that you change it on a regular basis.

Improperly Inflated Tires
This means they shouldn't be overinflated nor under inflated. Otherwise they’ll wear out faster than they typically should and will affect vehicle handling and fuel economy. To avoid this, check your owner’s manual for recommended tire pressure and always stick to that. It’s best to check your tires’ pressure at least once a month but do it more often if you always go on long trips or you carry heavy loads all the time.

Faulty Spark Plugs
When your spark plugs are covered with engine oil, ash or other deposit, it does cause misfire, but once there’s black smoke that may indicate spark problems that can lead to engine damage. Engine damage leads to less efficient engine which as mentioned before consumes more fuel. So if you start noticing that your car backfires a lot or smoke is coming out of your exhaust, especially while you’re on the road, pull up at the roadside and call for a tow. You need to get your vehicle checked by a mechanic immediately. 

Wrong Oil
You should have at least a quart or two of oil as emergency supply, especially if your car requires a specific kind of oil. This should help you run your vehicle further in a safe zone when it suddenly stops in the middle of the highway. Plus, if you aren't using an oil that reduces friction or the oil recommended by the manufacturer of your vehicle, you could be paying the price with poor fuel economy.

Bad Driving Habits
Excessive idling, jackrabbit starts, stepping on the gas as soon as the light turns green, freeway driving, and the likes all contribute to decreased gas mileage.


Martes, Disyembre 18, 2018

4 Times When Your AC Unit Seriously Needs Help

When you live in a tropical country like Singapore, driving with your air condition unit running is must. But aside from that, it’s not enough that it is running but it should also be running smoothly otherwise it’s no use having it in the first place. That is unless you like driving uncomfortable and drenched in your own sweat. Just imagine your AC unit not working properly, everyone from the driver to the passengers in the car will suffer. Here are some of the AC unit scenarios where you should immediately take your  vehicle to your mechanic.

1. Weird Smell Is Starting To Come Out From The Vents
The distinctive smell of mildew flooding out of your air vents is usually caused by a buildup of bacteria and mold. This can happen to older cars that have had bacteria growing behind the dashboard for years and in cars that rarely run the air conditioning, as they don’t enjoy the drying effects that it provides to excess water on the coils. So if you do your own car cleaning, make sure you clean your car AC vents too.

2. It Won’t Turn On
Driving when the AC unit is not working can be an unpleasant experience. On extremely hot days, an air conditioning system can overheat and this can cause the fan to burn out. A broken dial can also affect your ability to switch the auto air conditioning on, as well as a broken switch, a stuck valve, a wiring fault, a blown fuse or an obstruction in the air ducts. So if you’re having this issue, it’s best that a professional can take a look at it fix the problem and not let it get any worse.

3. AC System Is Blowing Hot Air
This can really suck because if there’s anything worse than an AC unit not working at all is an AC unit blowing hot air instead of cool air. When this happens, you’re probably looking at variety of reasons like damaged cooling fans, a blocked or broken condenser, an internal obstruction, an electrical fault, and/or low refrigerant levels. When this happens, it’s best that you take your car to a trusted car servicing center right away to get it checked and fixed as soon as possible.

4. It Won’t Turn Off
This doesn't seem like a problem until you’re getting too cold behind the wheel and you’re consuming way too much fuel than you usually do or your car’s battery gets drained because the AC keeps running even with the engine switched off. The culprit behind this can range from faulty or loose ribbon cable, broken controls / dial stuck in the “on” position, broken selector switch, shorted blower resistor, shorted blower motor relay, shorted a/c controller, and/or shorted blower control circuit.


5 Possible Culprits Of Car Battery Draining

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 7, 2018

5 Possible Culprits Of Car Battery Draining

Here are some of the most common reasons for a dead car battery.
If you’ve ever been the victim of a dead car battery you know that they die at the most inconvenient of times. Whether it’s on your way to the airport, work or picking up your kids from school it is always a pain. If you have recently noticed your car not starting consistently, it could mean that your battery is close to dead. If you see the symptoms of a dead battery in your own car you should try to figure out why it is happening. Here are some of the most common reasons for a dead car battery.

1. Human Error
Mistakes happen, especially when you’re tired or very busy. Sometimes that’s the reason why you’re car’s battery is dead is you left the headlights on or didn't completely close the trunk. Overnight, these can cause drained battery which will prevent your car from starting the next day.

2. Parasitic Drain
There are some components in your vehicle that continues to run even after the key is turned off. That where parasitic drain happens. Although it’s completely normal for your battery to deliver enough energy to maintain things like clock or security alarm, it may exceed what’s normal and deplete the battery when electric problem happens at the same time. In this case, it would be best to take your ride to car repair shop to stop the problem from getting worst and get it fixed.

3. Bad Charging
If your battery drains even while you’re driving, there’s a fair chance that your charging system isn’t working properly. In this case, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you end up stranded on the road with a drained car battery because many cars power their lights, radio, and other systems from the alternator, which can make the battery, drain worse if there's a charging problem. Don’t let this issue lead to an even bigger one; make sure to seek car servicing here in Singapore right away as soon as this happens.

4. Defective Alternator Diode
A car alternator recharges the battery and powers certain electrical systems. If your alternator has a bad diode, your battery can drain. The bad diode can cause the circuit to charge even when the engine is shut off, and you end up in the morning with a car that won’t start.

5. Old Battery
Sometimes your car’s battery drains way to fast is because it has simply run its course. Many people don’t pay attention to the lifespan of batteries until it’s too late. Typically, they last for three to five years. If you find that it’s not holding a charge as well as it should be and it is in this age range, it is likely that it is time to invest in a new one.


Huwebes, Oktubre 25, 2018

Ways To Keep Car Maintenance And Repair Cost Down

nowadays, it’s not only important to accept and understand the need for car maintenance and repair but it’s crucial to be practical about it and know how you can spend less on them without compromising your car’s performance and look.
Think car maintenance and car servicing are an unnecessary expenditure? Think again! Costly, maybe, but definitely necessary. Because by keeping your car in good running condition means not needing to buy a new ride after every couple of years, not spending money on major car repairs due to malfunction, and more importantly avoiding hospital and damage expenses in case of an accident because of malfunction too.

The more you keep its maintenance up-to-date the more your car’s condition is restored therefore prolonging its lifespan. With that, you’ll be able to enjoy your car longer than it would if you just let minor damages turn into unrepairable ones due to neglect. But nowadays, it’s not only important to accept and understand the need for car maintenance and repair but it’s crucial to be practical about it and know how you can spend less on them without compromising your car’s performance and look. Otherwise you’d end up with, yes, a reliable car but no savings.

Fluid Level
It does feel like you are spending more by adhering to maintenance schedule when there seems to be nothing wrong with your car. But that’s exactly the point, by ensuring that you have the correct levels of oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze, wiper fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid all the time, you can avoid expensive car repair as well as risking your life while on the road.

Be Friends With Your Mechanic
Do not be afraid to seek a car servicing shop near your location or try one that is recommended by a friend or family member because of warranty. If your mechanic uses quality parts and you keep the paper, there shouldn’t be any problem. Just make sure you’re on your mechanic’s good side and he’ll surely take care of your vehicle.

Do It Yourself
There are a lot of car repairs that you can definitely take care of like dead battery, oil change, windshield wipers, headlights, and air filter. Aside from that you get to save money, you are guaranteed that it’s really being fixed, you get to hone your car repair skills, and most importantly you become more and more self-sufficient.

Have Tire Intelligence
Instead of buying your tires from a garage, check out a warehouse store. You’ll probably find a good deal there, plus there are a host of other bonuses as well. In addition to the warranty, you’ll also have the perks of your club’s satisfaction guarantee, and your installation costs may also include services for the future like rotations and balancing.

Park Away
If you’re new to driving or you know you’re parking skills is still not good yet, it would be best to park away from other cars as much as possible. This way you wouldn’t worry about your car being scratched or dented when you have to maneuver it in or out of the parking lot since there’s less obstruction in your way.

Reduce Driving Distractions
Not only that this keeps your full attention in the road, which is always good for your safety, but it can also save you some car repair. Sometimes those little dents or scratches happens because you we’re checking a text message and missed the approaching car or the traffic light or the signal light of the car in front of you.

Mind Your Driving Habits
Do you drive on bald or underinflated/overinflated tires? Speed a lot? You hit the brake until the last minute? These are some of the driving habits that aren’t just asking for premature damage but also early retirement of your car when you don’t correct them early on. If you want to spend as little money as possible on repairs, then drive carefully and properly to lessen damage to fix in the first place.

Biyernes, Setyembre 28, 2018

Signs That May Indicate You Need To Take Your Car To Engine Repair Services

We always say that skipping on car maintenance can lead to costly car repairs in the future. But what you should know is that even if you’re the type who never misses a maintenance car checkup or takes all the preventive measures, car engines are bound to give at some point. So how do you know if it’s time for some serious engine repair services? Here are the cues that you should pay attention to.

Check Engine Light Is On
This light don’t go off for no reason at all. So when it does, don’t assume that whatever problem that it may be telling you about can wait, because if it can, it wouldn’t be switched on. Many of the issues it detects relate to power loss, so do not ignore this ominous light.

Cut Out Or Struggle Up An Incline
When this happens, there’s a big possibility that your fuel filter dis clogged, hence your engine is losing power. To keep your engine free from gunk, the filter end up accumulating the dirt this is why the fuel struggle to get through it. As a result, the fuel doesn’t reach the engine in a timely manner and you lose power when you’re up an incline.

There’s A Lot Of Shaking
Engine tremble when idle at a stop light and tremors through the steering wheel or into the rest of the vehicle are often followed by loss of power. These are known symptoms of misfiring cylinders. If this is your engine’s case, there are three most likely reasons: spark loss, lost compression or a way-out-of-whack air-to-fuel ratio. Any of these three not only needs a lot of work but as well as expertise to diagnose and solve. Therefore, it would be best for you to take your car to the mechanic for a car repair.

Backfiring Or Smoking Exhaust 
This can mean there’s too much fuel or too little spark, but either way they can both cause power loss. When your spark plugs are covered with engine oil, ash or other deposit, it does cause misfire, but once there’s black smoke that may indicate spark problems that can lead to engine damage. When you notice either of these while you’re on the road, pull up at the roadside and call for a tow. You need to get your vehicle checked by a mechanic immediately. 

Car Loses Power When You Try To Accelerate
Sounds like your fuel system is malfunctioning which is keeping your engine from drawing more fuel to accelerate. Fuel system may malfunction because of clogged injector, leaking fuel line, or gummed-up filter or kaput fuel pump. While you may be able to fix the problem yourself if you’re familiar with this and you have the proper tools, make sure you have the right diagnosis and skills before you proceed. Otherwise, it may be best to consult a professional especially if the problem is a bit more complex than usual.


How To Detail Your Car To A Professional Standard

Lunes, Setyembre 24, 2018

How To Detail Your Car To A Professional Standard

Here are some tips to help you detail your car like an expert!
Going to the car servicing center is great but we all know we can’t always go, so we end up taking care of the car detailing ourselves. But just because we aren’t experts in that field doesn’t mean we can’t achieve professional standard results. Here are some tips to help you detail your car like an expert!

Dry Glass Surfaces In Two Directions
Streaks are annoying, it makes it look like you did a sloppy job cleaning your car. To avoid this, try drying the surfaces in two direction. For example, go vertical when wiping first then go over it again in horizontal direction.

Clean The Top Most Portion Of The Windows
When you don’t clean this part it comes back ruining your effort to clean because buildup dirt and grime can drip and streak eventually. So roll down the windows and make sure you clean this part first so you don’t forget it later on.

Treat Your Trim First
Black plastic trim requires different care and maintenance from the rest of the bodywork. To keep plastic trim looking its best, we’d recommend treating it with a black restoring product before waxing and polishing the surrounding metalwork.

Apply Wax With Buffer –Don’t Remove It With One
A power buffer is a great way to get professional results, but only when you know how to use it properly. For best results, you should only use it when applying wax on your vehicle, not when you’re trying to remove it.

Use Plastic Bag When Checking Surfaces
When you apply wax, or polish or even when you just had it repainted, it takes time for the product to dry and set. But aside from that, you also have to check for imperfections like bubbles or any dirt that got stuck on it. Naturally you use your hands to feel for those imperfection, but the thing is doing that will leave fingerprints. To avoid this put your hand in a standard plastic carrier bag and run it over the surface of the car. 

The Cloth You Use Matters
Always use microfiber cloths when cleaning your car. It only takes a rough towel or dirt on a towel to scratch your precious paint job. Do not risk it and make sure you’re always using clean microfiber cloth to wipe your car with.

Invest In Dual Action Polisher
Polishing is one of the most misunderstood paint care procedures and as a result many individuals skip this important step. Polish is an abrasive compound, which, when worked into the paint using the hand or a polisher, shaves off imperfections of the paint. It levels out the surface and makes it smooth, thereby preparing it for the next step of applying wax or paint sealant. If you wax without polishing the surface first, not only will the paint look dull, but you will also notice that the wax layer will wear off quicker than usual. So ultimately it is a huge waste of your time and resources. Because polish is abrasive, it is important to master polishing techniques especially if you are using a rotary buffer, or you risk burning right through the paint. Having said all that, take it up a notch and invest in a dual action while you’re at it. Perfect for ironing out areas of abrasion, and removing layers of old wax, these motorized polishers will ensure your car always has a smooth, even finish for a lasting just-bought shine.

Use Static Electricity On Carpets
Carpets collect dust, dirt and other bits that can be difficult to remove even when using a vacuum. To loosen those bits up, wear latex glove and gently rub your hands across the surface of the carpet. This creates static that draw bits upwards and out of the fibers of the carpet making it easier for the vacuum to suck everything up. 

Deodorize Your Vents Using Compressed Air
If your car no longer has that new car scent, and you’ve tried a range of air freshening products without success, use a can of compressed air to give the vents a quick blast. Dust, dirt and moisture can build up on the inside of air vents, causing stale odors to circulate through the cabin whenever they’re in use. Compressed air will remove the offending muck, grime and bacteria, giving your car a fresher, more neutral smell.


Top Maintenance Tips You Should Follow If You Want To Drive A Reliable Vehicle For A Long Time