Ipinapakita ang mga post na may etiketa na PaintProtectionFilm. Ipakita ang lahat ng mga post
Ipinapakita ang mga post na may etiketa na PaintProtectionFilm. Ipakita ang lahat ng mga post

Martes, Enero 15, 2019

Things You Need To Learn About Paint Protection Film

 here are the things that you need to learn about it to get a better idea of what you’re getting out of investing in this procedure.
It sucks to find a scratch on your car, even if it’s so tiny right? Well, getting an unsightly scratch on your car’s paint is never fun because touching up even the smallest one cost time and money. So why not invest in a paint protection film for your car and avoid paint damage in the first place. Sounds good right? But for those who have no idea about paint protection film, it’s normal to feel hesitant about it. So here are the things that you need to learn about it to get a better idea of what you’re getting out of investing in this procedure.

1. Not All Paint Protection Products Are The Same
Don’t just settle with a known product because it’s what popular. Always shop around and compare price and quality. Sometimes a different store offer discounts that other stores don’t or carry better kinds of paint protection product. Until you find the best one for your needs and budget, keep looking around.

2. Prevention Is Better Than You But It’s Not Too Late For Older Cars
Like most things, prevention is better than cure. A good paint protection system should protect your car long-term. However, if you haven’t protected your car from day one – a good system should be able to improve your car considerably, with a notable difference and also continue to further protect your car from the day you have applied the paint protection product. 

3. You Shouldn't Settle With Car Waxing
Most people love shiny cars because it makes the car look expensive and sleek. To achieve this look, they often opt to wax their car because we all know wax can help give that sparkling effect. However, the problem with this is that it is temporary and easily melts especially when constantly exposed in the sun. A much better option will be paint protection because it can provide the same luster for your car but is more durable compared to wax so it last longer.

4. Dirt Can Damage Your Paintwork
People don’t just seek car servicing in Singapore due to engine problems, more often than not it’s due to exterior damage from different kinds of dirt like grease, grime, and bird poop. When left unattended for extended period of time, they can cause serious paint damage on your car. Avoid the stress and unnecessary expenses by keeping your vehicle clean. 

5. There Are Reasons Why Car Dealers Tend To Be Drawn Towards Certain Products
Popular car dealers have to take care of their reputation if they want to stay on top of their business. In order to do this, they have to maintain the quality of products and services that they provide. This is why they only use good paint protection products that gives an incredible glass shine and maintains the value of your new car.

6. A Car’s Paint Work Helps Maintain Its Value And Can Increase Resale Value
Every time you do something on your car to either upgrade its look or performance, it either maintains or increases its value. By deciding to invest in paint protection film you are definitely increasing its value because this prevents exterior damage while making your car look attractive!

7. It’s Totally Unnoticeable
Worried the film will be visible? Worry not because it won’t be! Just make sure you’re using high quality brand and have a professional apply it for you to ensure a smooth finish.

8. It’s Very Reliable Because It Was Originally Developed To The U.S. Military
When equipment, tool, or anything is designed or intended to be used for U.S. military, you know the quality is good. So you can rest assured that you spent your money well.

9. Custom Installation Offers Better Protection
Okay, maybe you’re a bit reluctant to avail custom installation because you know it costs more and you want to save money as much as possible. But, remember that smart investments, in terms of paint protection, are those where you spend quite a bit but offer better fit and best coverage which you know will last longer.

Whatever the problem with your car’s paint, do not wait too long to get it fixed, especially if the car’s body has been exposed. If you wait until chips and dings on your car turn into rust before you take care of it, prepare yourself for bigger problem and heftier car repair costs. Without protection, the bodywork of the car can begin to corrode. Regular cleaning and drying of the car will be sufficient to handle most problems. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to inspect your car for more serious damage.

Here are more reasons for you to want paint protection film installed on your car and realize how much you and your ride will benefit from it more than you thought it would!