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4 Common Culprits Of A Bumpy Ride

So if you start noticing any of these problems. Stop hesitating and take your vehicle to your mechanic right away.
Driving doesn't seem like a life-threatening activity because you’re essentially just going from one place to another. But even when you’re already at your destination and parking your car, an accident can still happen. Doesn't matter if it’s a minor accident or not but the point is, as a car owner, you’d want to avoid it as much as possible. Not only because your life and others life can be put at risk but also because it may mean hefty car repair cost as well as other damages. So if you start noticing any of these problems. Stop hesitating and take your vehicle to your mechanic right away.

1. Tire Problems
Tires heat up and wears faster on long trips, add that to a hot weather and you’re a sure candidate for blowouts. So you better see to it that you’re not driving with really worn tires, if you are then replacing them before you leave is a must. Doing visual inspection will also keep you aware of wear, cracks, slipped belts, bulges or other abnormalities when it comes to your tires that can affect your driving.

2. Suspension Problems
If your car is bouncing a lot before stopping, you’re experiencing especially harsh impact when driving over potholes and bumps, or if you notice the vehicle leaning to one side then you’re most likely dealing with suspension problems. Go and visit your trusted car servicing center to get your springs checked out and whatever repairs or replacements to be done.

3. Transmission Problems
When it comes to transmission, you want it to go into gear like it should without any delay or difficulty. Otherwise, you’ll really feel bumpiness while driving like you’ve never before. Don’t let this problem go unattended for too long if you don’t want to spend on an expensive new transmission.

4. Brake Problems
Brake pads are the ones that grip the rotors so that the car slows down or come at full stop when you hit the brakes. On the other hand, the rotors are the surface that the pads rub against. If these two are too damaged, it could not help slow or stop the car while you’re driving which can be a great risk to your life on the road.


Six Car Smell That You Should Get Rid Of Right Away

Huwebes, Abril 4, 2019

Six Car Smell That You Should Get Rid Of Right Away

Here are the usual culprits behind the smell your car is giving off and what you can do about them.
Do not underestimate odd smells in your car. More often than not, it’s not just because of dirt that you haven’t had the time to clean. This usually indicates that something is not right with your car, especially if you’re getting a burnt smell. Moreover, these odors can not only be irritating but also harmful for your health. So try to pay more attention to your car when it starts giving you all these odd smells and act accordingly. Here are the usual culprits behind the smell your car is giving off and what you can do about them.  

1. Cigarette Smell
Cigarette smoke isn’t only stinky, it’s also quite sticky in that it forms a resin on surfaces. That resin is called tar, and though it’s not the same stuff that’s used to pave roads, it does share a couple of similarities. The first step to removing this smell is to stop smoking in the car. Next, open all the doors and windows on a nice, warm, windy day. Then go over every surface with a 50/50 water and vinegar solution. That should be able to cut through the resin. If you have trouble, add a couple of drops of dish soap to the mix. Allow to dry completely before closing the doors

2. Mildew
The distinctive smell of mildew flooding out of your air vents is usually caused by a buildup of bacteria and mold. This can happen to older cars that have had bacteria growing behind the dashboard for years and in cars that rarely run the air conditioning, as they don’t enjoy the drying effects that it provides to excess water on the coils. So if you do your own car cleaning, make sure you clean your car AC vents too.

Moldy or mildew smell is often due to A/C evaporator. But sometimes it can also come from leaky heater core especially when you see fog on the inside of your windows or water leak if the fog is accompanied by a musty smell. Strong indication of this is when your seats and carpeting are also wet.

3. Food
Spilled drinks or food you had while driving creates odor that can really make your head hurt. Everyone is guilty of eating in the car because of busy schedules this can’t be helped. However this is one downside of that. So if the smell that’s bothering you smells like spoil food, check under the seats first. There’s a fair chance your groceries or fast food that fell managed to roll under those. While you’re at it, you might wanna do an overall check for snacks that may have been in there for a while or any trash that causing foul odor and start cleaning. If you don’t have time, you can always take your vehicle to car servicing here in Singapore for a thorough car cleaning.

4. Leaky Organism
Dribbling oil on the exhaust manifold won’t just cause bad smell but can also create thick blue smoke which often indicates that the leak is really bad. They key is to find out why you’re having oil leak and where it’s coming from to get it fixed accordingly. If you have no idea how to do this yourself, you can always seek car servicing here in Singapore.

If you haven’t had any sweet drink or food in your car and accidentally spilled it but you’re getting a sweet scent it’s probably your antifreeze. If the smell is concentrated inside the vehicle accompanied by a filmy fog form on the windshield when the heater is on and you’re seeing antifreeze on the floor inside your car, you’re looking at the heater core. You might want to look for car heater alternatives if bypassing the leaky core would be too much on your budget at the moment. 

5. New Car Smell
New car smells are sort of poisonous; it is not something to be idolized in the form of a scented tree. Those so called “new car smells” are called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), and they are the same smells common in refinished rooms and new houses. Carpet glue, chemicals from making vinyl, drying paints, and hardening plastics all do something called off-gassing. You really don’t want to breathe that stuff; it’s one of the things that causes sick building syndrome, and it is potentially carcinogenic.

However, don’t make the mistake of using an air freshener in an attempt to eliminate this odor. Using air fresheners doesn't eliminate the foul odor, what it does is overpower that smell. So the bad smell is still there but it’s simply being masked by the air freshener. The problem is that the scent that air freshener produces, though pleasant, can be dangerous to your health because they’re made up of chemical compounds. So you’re practically just layering another smell that’s just as harmful. You can make your own air freshener but if you’re not interested in air fresheners and you simply wanna get rid of the awful car smell, you can use coffee beans or baking soda. They may not make your car smell flowery or fruity or those kind of smell that store bought air freshener produces, but they absorb bad car scent.

6. Smell
If your car is carburetor it’s normal to smell a hint of gas but if your drive fuel injected vehicles you shouldn’t be able to sniff any. So, getting a really strong gas odor should send you into investigation mode to look for the culprit because this smell is not good in any way. Leaky fuel lines, stuck injectors, bad fuel pressure regulator, and other issues can cause leaks which can get to the entire engine and brings raw gas scent. Take your car to car servicing right away when this happens to get the problem fixed.


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