Lunes, Agosto 27, 2018

Car Safety Features That Will Give You Peace Of Mind While Driving

aside from seatbelts and airbags which are great, you’d want these features in your vehicle for added security.
Driving doesn’t seem like a life-threatening activity because you’re essentially just going from one place to another. But even when you’re already at your destination and parking your car, an accident can still happen. Doesn’t matter if it’s a minor accident or not but the point is, as a car owner, you’d want to avoid it as much as possible. Not only because your life and others life can be put at risk but also because it may mean hefty car repair cost as well as other damages. So, aside from seatbelts and airbags which are great, you’d want these features in your vehicle for added security.

Active Blind-Spot Detection System
How many little misses, dents, and scratches have you had to deal with due to an approaching car in your blind spot? Car servicing shops probably have more of these cases than engine failures. No wonder this feature is such a hit.

Backup Collision Intervention/Auto Stop
A lot of accidents could have been avoided if the market has come up with this sooner. Detecting what’s behind you, hearing an audible alert and seeing a flashing light indicating its oncoming direction, and a system that counteracts failure to act by pushing back on the accelerator could have not just saved lives but as well as the car repair expenses and trouble.

Window Tint
Accidents happen even to the most cautious people. This is why it’s good to have an extra layer of protection especially on your car windows. Direct impact often leads to glass shattering which can cause wounds to you and your passengers. But if you install automotive film on your car windows, this will prevent the glass from shattering because the film helps hold the glass together even when broken. Not to mention the fact that it eliminates glare which compromises any driver’s vision on the road. 

Front Crash Avoidance System
Car manufacturers are integrating front crash avoidance system to prevent rear-end crashes. This high-tech car safety feature scans the road, submits the gathered information to the computer and calculates the safe driving distance. The system will alert you when you are too near to the car in front of you. Other systems will do the legwork for you by automatically applying the brakes.

Parking Assist System
Not everyone who can drive are good with parking, especially in a crowded parking lot. We’ve all seen how scratches and dents happen just by parking the car. While this is a minor accident, it’s still an accident nonetheless and I bet any car owner would want to avoid any accident at all cost. With this car feature, all you need to do is activate the system, shift to reverse and the system will park the car for you.


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