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Top 7 Clever Travel Tips If You Take Your Pets With You All The Time

you have to be realistic and know that there are challenges when traveling with a canine. To lessen the stress and make sure you enjoy the ride, here are some tips that may come in handy.
For dog lovers out there, there’s nothing better than seeing places and being able to share the experience with your dog. However, despite the picture perfect idea, you have to be realistic and know that there are challenges when traveling with a canine. To lessen the stress and make sure you enjoy the ride, here are some tips that may come in handy.  

1. Try To Find Out If Your Dog Is Up For It
To minimize stress as much as possible, it’d be best to do a dry run first. There are dogs that do fine even for their first time while others have trouble getting used to it though they’ve traveled with you before. So if you’re planning a long road trip, try to practice with your pet first. Short trips every day may help him ease up to it so that he’s more relaxed once you actually go on a long trip.

2. Prioritize Safety
Letting the dog move freely inside the car may seem better but not when you’re on a long trip and you need to focus on driving. It could easily tire you out by constantly checking on him or keeping him calm and may put you both at risk of getting into an accident. You have to make sure you and your dog are safe throughout the ride. So better if you can fix him in one spot buckled up using dog-specific seat belts or put him at the back in his carrier. This way you know he is safe and you don’t get distracted while driving as well.

3. Don’t Leave Your Dog Alone In The Car
It doesn’t matter if “you’ll be back in just a minute” or not. Don’t. Leave. Your. Dog. Alone. In. The. Car. This is especially when it’s really hot because a parked car outside can easily heat up in just a minute and leaving your dog in there could lead to heat stroke.

4. Bring A Toy To Keep Them Busy
There are dogs who have anxiety issues or bark a lot, driving with either of them can be stressful and frustrating. But you can bring treats for them to chew or toys to play so that they have something to focus their attention to aside from the fact that they’re in the car travelling with you. Distracting them from the moving car helps soothe them so that you don’t have to worried sick the whole time.

5. Know Which Establishments Are Dog-Friendly
It would be a lot easier for you to travel with your canine if you know which establishment in your destination and even along it are welcoming dogs. This keeps you from stopping a couple of times to look for a place that allow dogs inside when you just want to buy a snack or need to use the bathroom.  

6. Be Careful What You Feed Your Dog
Always bring foods you know are safe for your four-legged travel buddy. This way you know you have something to feed him without running the risks of feeding him human food that’s actually toxic for him. Aside from that, if your dog has a tendency to jump on your food, make sure you keep it out of his reach to avoid any accidents.

7. Put An ID Tag With Contact Information On Your Dog’s Collar
It’s a scary thought, but you have to be prepared for the worst case scenario. If you know you have to do a lot of stops, especially in a crowded place, know that it’s possible for the two of you to get separated from each other. But if you do this tip, in case your furry friend ever gets separated from you, it will be easier for anyone to return him back to you.

You see, car repairs aren’t the only headache-inducing thing that can happen when you’re traveling and kind of in the middle of nowhere. A scared or non-stop barking dog can be just as challenging. But being prepared and knowing what to do, especially during tricky situations, is always how you can overcome these bumps on the road.


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