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Top 10 Signs You’re About To Say Goodbye To Your Car

Top 10 Signs You’re About To Say Goodbye To Your Car
Like many things in life, 'you don't know what you got till it's gone'. So before your car gives up on you and becomes too late to realize how much your life is so much easier with having your own ride, pay more attention when it’s already sending you SOS signals! Save yourself from the headache, bigger costs, and road risk.

1. Warning Lights Going Crazy
Your Check Engine Light is already enough to know that something is wrong with your car. But once all the other warning lights that can be found on your dashboard starts to go off, there’s no doubt there’s some serious trouble.

2. Oil Leak All The Time
Never underestimate oil leaks no matter how small it may seem. Otherwise you could be leading yourself to critical engine damage in your car or worst a fire hazard which can put your life in danger if it happens while you’re driving. Moreover, once this problem keeps recurring and you haven’t changed your oil in forever and are already covering the neighborhood in a smokescreen, it’s probably time to let go.

3. Dry Car Fluids
If you’re checking your car fluids every month and notice that something is bone dry every time, that means something is ready to grenade.

4. Strange And Exotic Smoke
It’d be foolish to ignore any kind of smoke you see or smell coming from your car. Blue-ish smoke coming out your tailpipe means you’re burning oil. Heavy white smoke means you’re burning engine coolant, and that means either your head gasket is done for, or worse, your cylinder head is cracked. Black smoke could be a lot of things, including fire. Whatever it is your car is emitting, best to get it to the car repair shop before your engine finally gives up.

5. Poor Timing
Timing belts can be expensive to replace this is why some car owner hesitate or insist to use their existing one as long as possible. But if you hear ticking noise from the engine, the engine won’t turn over or misfires every single time, plus you’re not sure about the last time you had your timing belt replaced, do it now!

6. Something’s Trying To Escape From Your Engine
Your vehicle’s engine is made up of giant lump of metals designed to withstand and contain thousands of explosions every single day. When any of those parts get detached and blow a hole right in the side of your engine, know that it’s really bad news.

7. Terminal Rot
In most parts of the country, rust is a scourge. Rocker panels, fenders, hoods, and trunks can all be fixed, but once you’re dealing with the tin worm in vital places like the frame, shock towers, fuel and brake lines, or suspension mounting points your car is as good as dead.

8. Your Car Is Bouncing Like It’s On Hydraulics, And Your Wheels Creak, Crack, And Thump Every Time You Turn
This means your front suspension is shot. This happens because your shocks, tie rods, steering rack, and ball joints all take an enormous amount of punishment which is why it’s important that you keep up with their maintenance. If you don’t then they’ll give eventually and cause you your car.

9. Tired Transmission
As soon as you start losing gears, your automatic is likely toast, and flogging it for a few extra miles is only delaying the inevitable. If you have the funds, it’s time to buy a new transmission. If you don’t, then it’s time to put your car to bed. 

10. You’ve Replaced The Battery, Alternator, And Starter; It’s Still Not Working
Let me guess, your mechanic is already running out of ideas? He’s tried everything and touched every part and your car still won’t start or when it does it leaves you stranded again and again. This just says it’s time to put your car to rest


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