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Top 6 Most Broken Driving Rules That You’re Probably Guilty Of

Driving mistakes happens even to the best of us. While that’s true, it’s shouldn’t be an excuse for you to be too complacent either. Learn these driving rules that you probably break every day and make it a point to change your habits and improve on them as the day go by because even the tiniest mistakes can mean life or death on the road.

1. Not Turning Your Lights On
Yes, even during the day, you need to turn those lights on. Good things that modern cars usually get that out of your way, but just to be safe just flip them to the “on” position.  Aside from that, remember that your daytime lights aren’t enough during the night. Always remember that a clear vision is very important when you’re driving, so put those lights to use. Having said that, sometimes you think they’re on because you always flip them on but they’re not actually because something in your car’s electrical system is not working properly or you need to have your bulbs replaced. Checking if all your lights are working would only take a minute or two, but can make a difference in your driving. So if you need car repair don’t put it off and have it fixed right away.

2. Not Stopping At Stop Signs
Never ignore those stop sign. They weren’t placed there for decoration or any other unnecessary reason. Even if there isn’t any policeman nearby watching or you’re the only one on the road at the moment, it would be safer for you and everyone else to at least make a stop even for a second just to make sure everything is fine before you step on the gas again.

3. Using The Left Lane For Other Purposes Other Than To Pass
The left lane is for those who are attempting to overtake or drop someone off. Otherwise you always have to stay on the right lane. You don’t wanna cause traffic by not knowing what lane you should be in.

4. Using Your Phone While Driving
With the National Safety Council report of 1.6 million crashes a year because of distracted driving, you’d think that people have learned the lesson. However, there are still those who think they can do driving and whatever on their phone at the same time. Put your phone away and focus on driving. A text or social media is not worth risking your life on the road.

5. Not Slowing Down When You See Pedestrian Lanes And Signage
Yes, it’s annoying that people walk while their face buried on their phone and complain when they get hit. Yes they should pay attention to the road while walking and do the good old look-at-the-right-and-left-before-crossing-the-street. However, when they are walking on a pedestrian lane and a pedestrian crossing sign is present you have to remember that they have the right of way.

6. Not Signaling Properly
Most of the time, the reason why accidents happen on the road are due to  drivers either don’t signal properly or don’t signal at all. What’s the use of having those signal lights if you won’t use it to communicate to your fellow commuters? Are we supposed to just read minds now? Use them to tell other motorist which way you’re going unless you want to be held responsible for causing unnecessary stress and a potential pile-up.


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