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Top 4 Warning Signs That May Mean Worn Out Or Broken Timing Belt

Timing belts can be expensive to replace this is why some car owner hesitate or insist to use their existing one as long as possible. However, doing this may just lead to more costly damages to your engine and components. To prevent this from happening here are the few signs that you should look out for that will tell you when it’s time to seek car repair and replace your car’s timing belt.

1. Ticking Noise Coming From The Engine
Ticking Noise Coming From The Engine
Ticking sound inside the motor is usually a strong indication that the timing belt is starting to wear out. That’s because of low oil pressure or the engine is not having proper amount of lubrication. This is why it’s important to be mindful of strange noises coming from your car because they almost always send you a warning message.

2. Engine Won't Turn Over
Engine Won't Turn Over
The timing belt operates the crank and camshaft, so once the timing belt is broken or damaged inside chances are the car won’t start. Yes, you’ll hear the motor engage when you try to turn the key but it won’t go all the way. If you have no knowledge or experience with this kind of issue, the best action would be to call for car repair.

3. Engine Misfires
Worn out timing belt tend to slip on the camshaft drive and causes one cylinder to open or close earlier than it should, which is why the engine misfires. If you’ve been experiencing engine misfires lately, time to have the timing belts replaced if you don’t want it to cause any more damage in your engine.

4. Oil Leaking From In Front Of The Motor
Oil Leaking From In Front Of The Motor
Leaking oil from the timing belt cover commonly results in engine overheating as well and can prematurely wear the timing belt. This is because the gasket between the engine block and timing cover wears out over time, is cracked or has been improperly installed and is pinched. Leaking oil is one sign that you should definitely ignore. Don’t wait till the problem has become irreversible before you decide to replace your vehicle’s timing belt. 


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