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Factors To Consider When Renting A Car Storage Unit

Factors To Consider When Renting A Car Storage Unit
There will come a time when you’ll need to leave your car behind for a while and shop for a storage facility to make sure your ride will be in good hands while you’re gone. Whether you’d be travelling, relocating, or will be taking a vacation where you can’t take your car with you, it’s important to choose a facility that you can trust with your valuable possession with. Here are the factors that may help you choose.

Car Storage Unit Price
Most businesses, even car storage rentals, always make adjustment when it comes to their pricing. So don’t shake hands on the first price, ask if they have promos or can give you discounts in any way.  They will give you some or even offer you a better deal if they see that you’re really interested, after all, you’re a customer and they wouldn’t want to lose one as much as possible.

While the car storage facility doesn’t have to offer this, it would be better if there’s one in the vicinity, at least. This way, you can easily take your car there right away and if necessary after getting your car back since vehicles tend to develop issues after being stored and not being driven for a while.

Car storage unit size
Know what size you need so that you can choose the right size of storage unit. If you don’t check before hand and rent a bigger space than you need, that means you’ll be paying more money for a space that you’re not using.

Car storage unit security
Security is crucial. Aside from space, the reason why you bothered to rent a unit is because you want to secure your property in there. If the facility can be easily robbed, then what’s the point? Make sure they have video surveillance, individual alarms for each unit, and secure coded access and electronic gates.

Car storage unit temperature
Car storage is the only storage unit where climate-controlled unit would be necessary. If it’s photos, artwork, antiques, or the like then you will have to be prepared to pay extra since such items are sensitive to extreme temperature.


Car storage unit insurance
You’re probably thinking if you will need insurance since you’re already storing your valuables in a safe place. But instances such as flooding, earthquakes and other natural causes are hard to predict so it would be better for you to check on what losses they will cover.

Compare Different Units
Compare Different Car Storage Units
Well, if you’re paying for a place to store something, you want to make sure that you’d be getting the most of your money. So don’t be quick to rent the first car storage you see, check out other facilities and compare which among them offers a better quality of service for your need.


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