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Why Your Windshield Wipers Aren’t Doing Their Jobs

Why Your Windshield Wipers Aren’t Doing Their Jobs
Whether you’re driving during daytime or nighttime, it’s crucial that your windshield is spotless for optimal vision on the road. This is the reason why windshield wipers are there, so that they can immediately clear anything that may be blocking your view.

But like any other equipment, windshield wipers tend to stop working. When this happens, it’s important that you don’t take it for granted or try to drive even with your wipers not working. You never know when unexpected rain or dash of wind blowing dust or leaves on your windshield may happen, so your wipers need to be operation all the time.

Here are some reasons why your wipers aren’t working. If you know how to fix any of these issues then it’s easier to get your wipers back on track but if you don’t, you can always take your car to car repair shops to solve the problem immediately.

· Your Wiper Blades Are Torn
Your Wiper Blades Are Torn
The rubber edges on your wipers are designed to be tightly in contact on the windshield for it to swipe dirt, water, or anything that will compromise the driver’s vision on the road. However, if those rubbers are torn or there are gaps on it, then it wouldn’t be able to work as effectively. Once you see that they’re already not in good condition, it best to replace them than continue using when it’s not even working properly anymore.

· The Windshield Wipers Have Ice Or Snow On Them
The Windshield Wipers Have Ice Or Snow On Them
This may only be applicable to those places with winter season, but it’s worth noting. Although windshield wipers are capable of clearing snow off the windshield, they can’t when the snow is too heavy and wet. If it snows in your area it might be best to invest in winter wiper blades, but if you can’t try removing most of the snow first before you use the wipers.

· The Wiper Motor Has Failed
The Wiper Motor Has Failed
Just like any other electric motor, wiper motors sometimes fails due to short circuit or the motor is really old and needs replacement. In these cases, your wipers won’t work. You can either try to take your car to a mechanic for car repair or it may be practical to just replace the wiper motor. That may be more cost-effective than trying to fix an already faulty motor.  

· The Windshield Wiper Fuse Is Burnt Out
The Windshield Wiper Fuse Is Burnt Out
In any electrical device, there’s always a fuse that acts as a shock absorber or sacrificial device for the entire device. This way in case the motor overloads, the fuse will be the one to take damage not the entire motor. But even though the motor isn’t totally damage, the wiper still won’t work. So you should look for the reason why the motor overloaded, remove it and change the fuse. This should settle the problem if the only damage is on the fuse. But if your wipers are still not working, seek car servicing as this may be more complicated than just the fuse.

· Wiper Pivot Nuts Are Loose

Wiper Pivot Nuts Are Loose
When these pivot nuts are loose, the motor will turn but the wiper themselves won’t move. There are also instances where they will move slightly but won’t wipe the windshield or only one wiper is working while the other one don’t. If you notice any of these, there’s a huge possibility that the wiper pivot nuts are loose.  The first thing that you should do is try to tighten them, if they’re already tight but you still see the same ‘symptoms’ it may need more than just tightening. Better seek a professional help, drive to your trusted car repair shop tell the mechanic your observations and the steps you’ve taken to try to solve the problem and let him handle the rest

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