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Top 5 Signs Your Car Has Transmission Problems

As soon as you notice any sign that your car is not shifting the way it should, be sure to deal with it immediately. Waiting won’t help you save money nor make the car less problematic. Letting simple car problems go unattended lead to serious problems and bigger repair cost. So here are the shifting trouble signs that you should watch out for to avoid unnecessary car problem and expenses.

1. Warning Light Comes On
Warning Light Comes On
A warning light is just that, a signal telling you that something is wrong. But this doesn’t automatically confirm a specific problem on your car. However, if your warning light is on and you have noticed the rest of these symptoms on your car then that almost guarantees that your vehicle is having transmission problem. You should get it checked right away before it develops into a more serious transmission trouble.

2. Car Is Shifting Hard
Car Is Shifting Hard
Chunking or thudding sound when the car shift gears? Having difficulty reaching the proper speed? If it feels like your car is fighting you when you shift or it does shift but only after some struggle, you might wanna take your ride to a car repair shop because this is not a problem you wanna have on the road.

3. Gear Changes For No Reason
Gear Changes For No Reason
If your car changes gears on its own when you’re on manual transmission in a certain gear or it slides into neutral in an automatic, seek car repair right away. Don’t waste time doubting or risking it on the road. This is definitely a clear sight of car transmission problem.

4. Fluid Leak
Fluid Leak
Transmission fluid is clear red that comes with a slightly sweet smell. If you see this under your car, check for clogged filter or loose plug immediately. Because that’s the closest possible reason for the leak which is can be causing you to have a hard time shifting gears.  

5. Delayed Engagement
Delayed Engagement
When there’s a pause or delay before your car moves according to the action you made, like your car waits for a bit before going into drive and moving forward, that’s a problem. It’s not only frustrating but a driving hazard. If you experience this be sure to contact a car repair shop before you end up having to replace your transmission instead of simply fixing the existing one. 


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