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Top 4 Reasons Why Shaded Parking Is A Must

Top 4 Reasons Why Shaded Parking Is A Must
Summer time is a fun season to drive to the beach, go on a road trip, or simply go anywhere because the weather is nice. But while you may not have to worry about slippery roads driving which can be dangerous, it’s the heat of your car that you should be worried about. This is why aside from preparing thick towels to place on the seats, gloves for your hands, and windshield cover, it’s also important to try to park your car in the shade as much as possible.

1. Burnt Thighs And Rear-Ends On Leather Is Not Cool At All
Sitting on hot leather is not only uncomfortable but can also cause strangury. That’s double the worst experience you can have during summer and you didn’t bother to look for a better well shaded parking spot. Believe me, even if you’re wearing jeans, that won’t help shield your legs and butt from hot leather seats.

2. That Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel Gets Hot Too
That Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel Gets Hot
Using gloves may be an easy fix for hot steering wheel but you could’ve saves yourself the trouble if you spend the extra minute to find a shaded parking space. Not to mention that after being exposed to direct sunlight, your fingers would probably still feel the heat even with gloves on.

3. Blistering And Peeling Paint Doesn’t Look Good On Your Car And Wallet
Blistering And Peeling Car Paint
Apart from sitting on hot seat and having to hold a hot steering wheel, your paint is also taking a beating from the harmful UV rays. The heat eventually fades the color of your car and develops all sorts of issues like blistering and peeling. Although you can find good paint protection here in Singapore with a reasonable price, it’s still an unnecessary expenditure if you could avoid it by parking in shaded are in the first place.

4. Hot Car Plastics Can Be A Health Hazard
This is almost the same thing with heating foods in plastic containers in your microwave. When plastics are heated it releases harmful chemicals which may get into food or drinks and eventually in our bodies. When it comes to cars, you may inhale potentially harmful fumes when the plastic in your car warms.


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