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5 Affordable Ways To Improve Your Car’s Horsepower

5 Affordable Ways To Improve Your Car’s Horsepower
Who doesn’t like a car with better horsepower? Everyone does but not everyone can afford high-end cars that already have higher horsepower. But don’t be disheartened, even if you enjoy driving a vintage there are ways to add more power to it that won’t cost an arm and leg.

1. Reflashing
Car reflashing
Doing this means changing your car’s programming with its timing, fuel-air mixture, and other horsepower-upping inputs to enjoy added power. But don’t worry, this isn’t a permanent change. You can still redo it in case you need warranty work done or have to have your car inspected by the state environmental department.

2. Tire Tricks
Tire tricks
Yes, your tires. Although it may seem totally unrelated to horsepower, a bunch of tire tricks can in fact increase power in your car. You can take your car to the car servicing to dial out the toe-in to make the wheels more aligned for more straight-line speed. You can also replace your tires with shorter tires with carbon fiber wheels mounted on them which will result to lighter load and increased acceleration.

3. High-Flow Catalyst
Changing old catalyst to a high-flow catalyst
Swapping an old catalyst out for a modern aftermarket high-flow number and you’ll definitely feel a big difference in the pedal, especially if you do this with cat-back exhaust. But you have to remember that removing a catalyst that is in perfect condition is illegal, so if you’re considering to have this done on your car, take it to car servicing here in Singapore and ask for experts recommendation regarding this.

4. Cat-Back Exhaust
Cat-Back Exhaust
Before you get any weird thoughts on this term, let’s get that out of the way. This means straightening the pipes from the catalyst in the exhaust tubing to the back of the car at the bumper. This procedure will help release the exhaust gases easier in order to allow more air and fuel in the engine which increases power.

5. Cold-Air Intake
Car cold-air intake
When you take your car to car servicing saying you want to increase the horsepower, expect this procedure to be recommended first by the mechanic. This is because cold air is denser, so more air gets into the cylinders to mix with the fuel. More air means more combustion, and more combustion means more power.

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