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Top 5 Signs Your Car Has Transmission Problems

As soon as you notice any sign that your car is not shifting the way it should, be sure to deal with it immediately. Waiting won’t help you save money nor make the car less problematic. Letting simple car problems go unattended lead to serious problems and bigger repair cost. So here are the shifting trouble signs that you should watch out for to avoid unnecessary car problem and expenses.

1. Warning Light Comes On
Warning Light Comes On
A warning light is just that, a signal telling you that something is wrong. But this doesn’t automatically confirm a specific problem on your car. However, if your warning light is on and you have noticed the rest of these symptoms on your car then that almost guarantees that your vehicle is having transmission problem. You should get it checked right away before it develops into a more serious transmission trouble.

2. Car Is Shifting Hard
Car Is Shifting Hard
Chunking or thudding sound when the car shift gears? Having difficulty reaching the proper speed? If it feels like your car is fighting you when you shift or it does shift but only after some struggle, you might wanna take your ride to a car repair shop because this is not a problem you wanna have on the road.

3. Gear Changes For No Reason
Gear Changes For No Reason
If your car changes gears on its own when you’re on manual transmission in a certain gear or it slides into neutral in an automatic, seek car repair right away. Don’t waste time doubting or risking it on the road. This is definitely a clear sight of car transmission problem.

4. Fluid Leak
Fluid Leak
Transmission fluid is clear red that comes with a slightly sweet smell. If you see this under your car, check for clogged filter or loose plug immediately. Because that’s the closest possible reason for the leak which is can be causing you to have a hard time shifting gears.  

5. Delayed Engagement
Delayed Engagement
When there’s a pause or delay before your car moves according to the action you made, like your car waits for a bit before going into drive and moving forward, that’s a problem. It’s not only frustrating but a driving hazard. If you experience this be sure to contact a car repair shop before you end up having to replace your transmission instead of simply fixing the existing one. 


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Huwebes, Marso 16, 2017

Why Your Windshield Wipers Aren’t Doing Their Jobs

Why Your Windshield Wipers Aren’t Doing Their Jobs
Whether you’re driving during daytime or nighttime, it’s crucial that your windshield is spotless for optimal vision on the road. This is the reason why windshield wipers are there, so that they can immediately clear anything that may be blocking your view.

But like any other equipment, windshield wipers tend to stop working. When this happens, it’s important that you don’t take it for granted or try to drive even with your wipers not working. You never know when unexpected rain or dash of wind blowing dust or leaves on your windshield may happen, so your wipers need to be operation all the time.

Here are some reasons why your wipers aren’t working. If you know how to fix any of these issues then it’s easier to get your wipers back on track but if you don’t, you can always take your car to car repair shops to solve the problem immediately.

· Your Wiper Blades Are Torn
Your Wiper Blades Are Torn
The rubber edges on your wipers are designed to be tightly in contact on the windshield for it to swipe dirt, water, or anything that will compromise the driver’s vision on the road. However, if those rubbers are torn or there are gaps on it, then it wouldn’t be able to work as effectively. Once you see that they’re already not in good condition, it best to replace them than continue using when it’s not even working properly anymore.

· The Windshield Wipers Have Ice Or Snow On Them
The Windshield Wipers Have Ice Or Snow On Them
This may only be applicable to those places with winter season, but it’s worth noting. Although windshield wipers are capable of clearing snow off the windshield, they can’t when the snow is too heavy and wet. If it snows in your area it might be best to invest in winter wiper blades, but if you can’t try removing most of the snow first before you use the wipers.

· The Wiper Motor Has Failed
The Wiper Motor Has Failed
Just like any other electric motor, wiper motors sometimes fails due to short circuit or the motor is really old and needs replacement. In these cases, your wipers won’t work. You can either try to take your car to a mechanic for car repair or it may be practical to just replace the wiper motor. That may be more cost-effective than trying to fix an already faulty motor.  

· The Windshield Wiper Fuse Is Burnt Out
The Windshield Wiper Fuse Is Burnt Out
In any electrical device, there’s always a fuse that acts as a shock absorber or sacrificial device for the entire device. This way in case the motor overloads, the fuse will be the one to take damage not the entire motor. But even though the motor isn’t totally damage, the wiper still won’t work. So you should look for the reason why the motor overloaded, remove it and change the fuse. This should settle the problem if the only damage is on the fuse. But if your wipers are still not working, seek car servicing as this may be more complicated than just the fuse.

· Wiper Pivot Nuts Are Loose

Wiper Pivot Nuts Are Loose
When these pivot nuts are loose, the motor will turn but the wiper themselves won’t move. There are also instances where they will move slightly but won’t wipe the windshield or only one wiper is working while the other one don’t. If you notice any of these, there’s a huge possibility that the wiper pivot nuts are loose.  The first thing that you should do is try to tighten them, if they’re already tight but you still see the same ‘symptoms’ it may need more than just tightening. Better seek a professional help, drive to your trusted car repair shop tell the mechanic your observations and the steps you’ve taken to try to solve the problem and let him handle the rest

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Huwebes, Marso 9, 2017

Top 4 Reasons Why Shaded Parking Is A Must

Top 4 Reasons Why Shaded Parking Is A Must
Summer time is a fun season to drive to the beach, go on a road trip, or simply go anywhere because the weather is nice. But while you may not have to worry about slippery roads driving which can be dangerous, it’s the heat of your car that you should be worried about. This is why aside from preparing thick towels to place on the seats, gloves for your hands, and windshield cover, it’s also important to try to park your car in the shade as much as possible.

1. Burnt Thighs And Rear-Ends On Leather Is Not Cool At All
Sitting on hot leather is not only uncomfortable but can also cause strangury. That’s double the worst experience you can have during summer and you didn’t bother to look for a better well shaded parking spot. Believe me, even if you’re wearing jeans, that won’t help shield your legs and butt from hot leather seats.

2. That Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel Gets Hot Too
That Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel Gets Hot
Using gloves may be an easy fix for hot steering wheel but you could’ve saves yourself the trouble if you spend the extra minute to find a shaded parking space. Not to mention that after being exposed to direct sunlight, your fingers would probably still feel the heat even with gloves on.

3. Blistering And Peeling Paint Doesn’t Look Good On Your Car And Wallet
Blistering And Peeling Car Paint
Apart from sitting on hot seat and having to hold a hot steering wheel, your paint is also taking a beating from the harmful UV rays. The heat eventually fades the color of your car and develops all sorts of issues like blistering and peeling. Although you can find good paint protection here in Singapore with a reasonable price, it’s still an unnecessary expenditure if you could avoid it by parking in shaded are in the first place.

4. Hot Car Plastics Can Be A Health Hazard
This is almost the same thing with heating foods in plastic containers in your microwave. When plastics are heated it releases harmful chemicals which may get into food or drinks and eventually in our bodies. When it comes to cars, you may inhale potentially harmful fumes when the plastic in your car warms.


5 Affordable Ways To Improve Your Car’s Horsepower

Martes, Marso 7, 2017

Huwebes, Marso 2, 2017

5 Affordable Ways To Improve Your Car’s Horsepower

5 Affordable Ways To Improve Your Car’s Horsepower
Who doesn’t like a car with better horsepower? Everyone does but not everyone can afford high-end cars that already have higher horsepower. But don’t be disheartened, even if you enjoy driving a vintage there are ways to add more power to it that won’t cost an arm and leg.

1. Reflashing
Car reflashing
Doing this means changing your car’s programming with its timing, fuel-air mixture, and other horsepower-upping inputs to enjoy added power. But don’t worry, this isn’t a permanent change. You can still redo it in case you need warranty work done or have to have your car inspected by the state environmental department.

2. Tire Tricks
Tire tricks
Yes, your tires. Although it may seem totally unrelated to horsepower, a bunch of tire tricks can in fact increase power in your car. You can take your car to the car servicing to dial out the toe-in to make the wheels more aligned for more straight-line speed. You can also replace your tires with shorter tires with carbon fiber wheels mounted on them which will result to lighter load and increased acceleration.

3. High-Flow Catalyst
Changing old catalyst to a high-flow catalyst
Swapping an old catalyst out for a modern aftermarket high-flow number and you’ll definitely feel a big difference in the pedal, especially if you do this with cat-back exhaust. But you have to remember that removing a catalyst that is in perfect condition is illegal, so if you’re considering to have this done on your car, take it to car servicing here in Singapore and ask for experts recommendation regarding this.

4. Cat-Back Exhaust
Cat-Back Exhaust
Before you get any weird thoughts on this term, let’s get that out of the way. This means straightening the pipes from the catalyst in the exhaust tubing to the back of the car at the bumper. This procedure will help release the exhaust gases easier in order to allow more air and fuel in the engine which increases power.

5. Cold-Air Intake
Car cold-air intake
When you take your car to car servicing saying you want to increase the horsepower, expect this procedure to be recommended first by the mechanic. This is because cold air is denser, so more air gets into the cylinders to mix with the fuel. More air means more combustion, and more combustion means more power.

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