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Top 7 Tire Problems That Could Mean Trouble On The Road

Flat tire, blowout, or worst a collision due to tire failure could’ve been avoided if you spare a couple of minutes to check on your tires and took it to the mechanic when necessary! Don’t let this happen to you. Here are the signs that your tires need attention ASAP!

1. Overinflated Or Underinflated
Overinflated Or Underinflated
Your tires’ inflation doesn’t just affect your tires’ condition but it also makes it more difficult to control your car and it also reduces gas mileage. Be sure to check your tire pressure every month as well as before long trips, and when carrying extra load.

2. Baldness
Tire baldness
You can either use the classic penny trick by inserting it into each tread groove or a tread depth gauge. Don’t try to drive a bald tire otherwise you risk blowout in the middle of the highway and put your life as well as other motorist’s lives in danger.

3. Uneven Tread Wear
Uneven Tread Wear
Improper inflation, problems with a car’s suspension, and misaligned wheels are just some of the possible reasons why your tires have uneven tread wear. All of those mentioned can pose serious trouble on the road so make sure you take your car to a car servicing here in Singapore before anything happens.

4. Cracked Sidewalls
Tire cracked sidewalls
This could put you at an increased risk for a blowout! This is why it’s best to take your vehicle to car servicing if you see any cracks on the tires. They should be able to help determine if it’s time to have them replaced.  

5. Bulges And Blisters
Bulges and blisters on tires
These are signs of damage within the tire structure that could lead to blowout too! Replace them right away!

6. Vibration
Vibrating tire
Do not ignore it or just get used to that annoying noise when you’re driving. You could be prolonging minor mechanical problems or damage on your tires which can get worse over time. Send you car to car repair shop once you experience this.

7. No Spare Tire
No Spare Tire
Well, you can never tell when you’re gonna need a spare tire. So whether you’re just driving to work or you’re off to a long road trip it’s always a must that you have one at the back. Always check if you have it and if it’s still in good condition. 


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