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Top 5 Old Car Repair Tricks That Are Still Applicable To Modern Cars

Technology has helped us in a lot of ways to make our daily living easier and faster. Just look at how advanced vehicles are today. Most of them come with a lot of modern features that makes driving experience even better. However, not everything relies on technology. Here are some good old tricks that work even on modern cars which most people no longer do but could’ve saved a lot of money on car repair otherwise.

1. String Alignment Trick
String Alignment Trick
If you’re a little low on cash but needs to align your car, did you know that you can do it on your own with just a ball of string, some jack stands, a tape measure, and a plumb bob? Oh yes! It doesn’t even matter no matter how old or new your car is because this trick works on any car. This video shows the simplest way to do it so you shouldn’t have any problem following it. Even better if you’re very detail oriented, patient, and can handle basic geometry and you’ll surely get a precise suspension.

2. The Engine-Saving Oil Change
Engine-Saving Oil Change
It has been said over and over that it’s best to refer to your owner’s manual for the recommended oil change interval. Though this is correct, it may not be applicable all the time especially if you’ve had your vehicle for a while. Expert mechanics who have extensive experience with car repair and training seminars on engine lubricants, viscosities, and molecular breakdown says it’s best to stick with 3,000-5,000 miles. This ensures you have fresh filter which helps keep the engine at its best.

3. The Two-Second Braking Period Rule
Two-Second Braking Period Rule
Your brake rotors and pads are bound to wear out considering that you hit them all the time. However, you can prevent it from happening to soon by doing the two-second braking periods at high speeds and avoiding riding the brakes until the vehicle dips below 35 miles per hour. This keeps you from riding on your brakes for too long and busting them too soon.

4. Brake Fluids Needs To Be Changed Regularly
Check Brake Fluids Regularly
Brake fluid is not just exposed to lots of heat, it also comes into contact with all forms of corrosion and dirt within the system as it pushes its way to the wheels. Therefore, letting it run dry could affect the brakes function. 

5. Lube Up
Lube Up
Every latching, pivoting, suspension and locking component you find in your car needs to be lubricated. This is one important form of preventive maintenance that is often overlooked but should be a mandatory part of any routine service stop. Don’t wait until something is stuck and won’t budge because they’re already corroded. 


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