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5 Things You Can Do To Prolong Your Tires’ Lifespan

Despite your car tires’ quality, they are bound to wear out eventually. But it’s also possible to keep that from happening too early! All you need to do is follow through your regular tire maintenance routine and you won’t just save money from frequent car repair but you’ll also be much safer on the road with well-kept tires. Here are some tips for longer lasting tires!

1. Always Make Sure They’re Properly Inflated
Properly inflated tires
This means they shouldn’t be over inflated or under inflated. Otherwise they’ll wear out faster than they typically should and will affect vehicle handling and fuel economy. To avoid this, check your owner’s manual for recommended tire pressure and always stick to that. It’s best to check your tires’ pressure at least once a month but do it more often if you always go on long trips or you carry heavy loads all the time.

2. Do Not Forget Proper Alignment
Proper alignment
If you notice uneven wear on your tires then they’re out of alignment. This doesn’t just lead to early tire replacement but it can also lead to other mechanical problems in your car. This means more car repair awaits you. Don’t wait for that, it’s best to take your car to car repair as soon as you see signs of misaligned tires.

3. Have Them Rotated Regularly
Rotate tires properly
If you’re not sure about the recommended tire rotation interval, check your owner’s manual or you do it every other time you get an oil change. Doing this regularly promotes even tread wear and helps the tire perform as designed.

4. Check Your Balance

Electronic spin balancer
Uneven tread wear and annoying vibrations while driving? Those are the tell-tale signs of wheels and tires out of balance! When looking for a shop that does car servicing here in Singapore, look for one with electronic spin balance as it helps with better result.

5. Choose Low-Rolling Resistance Tires
Low rolling resistant tires
Your tires are able to keep moving at a straight and steady pace because of rolling resistance. All that force necessary for the car to move eventually wears your tires out and impacts your car’s fuel efficiency. So opting for a low-rolling resistance tires definitely benefits your tires and your pocket because you wouldn’t have to spend as much on gas and replace your tires too early. 


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