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Top 5 Car Parts That Needs To Be Replaced For Better Gas Mileage

If you spare some time to calculate how much money you’re spending on gas, you probably won’t believe you even had that money to spend in the first place. Wanna save on gas and money on the long run? Buy these 5 items for your car and install them yourself.

1. Oxygen Sensor
Review your owner’s manual for the recommended oxygen sensor replacement interval. But usually it’s every more than 100,000 miles. Ensuring that your car have a new oxygen sensor every time means the exhaust flow is being monitored before and after the catalytic converter which send data to the engine computer to adjust the fuel injection level accordingly.

2. Mass Airflow Sensor
When the mass airflow sensor is dirty, the information that it sends to the engine computer, to regulate fuel injection, the ignition system and transmission shifting, becomes inaccurate. Swap it out with a new one when it gets too dirty so it doesn’t affect gas mileage.

3. Spark Plugs
Spark plugs in good condition result in the engine running cleaner and more efficiently. Why? Because it ignites the air/fuel mixture in the engine combustion chamber a lot better. Check yours always and replace when necessary.

4. Air Filter
Dirty filter affects gas mileage especially of you had your vehicle for 10 years or more already. So always make sure that your car has a clean air filter. Better yet, if your car is really old, you should replace them already.

5. Tires
It doesn’t’ take that much time to check how your tires are doing, but doing so benefits you in the long run by having optimum gas mileage and handling. So it’s best to ensure that your tires aren’t under inflated, out of alignment, or worn out. When they are, time to head to car servicing to either repair or replace


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