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Top 10 Car And Driving Tricks To Make Your Life Easier

Car problems can be avoidable, but you can avoid being stressed out about them if you have some tricks up your sleeves to get you out of some situations. Here are some of them that you may find in handy.

1. Hang A Tennis Ball In Your Garage
This should help you know when to stop backing up and hitting the wall with your bumper, especially with tight garage spaces.

2. Take A Picture Of The Spot Where You Parked
Admit it or not, we all forget where we parked our car sometimes. Save time looking around and avoid getting stressed out by taking a picture of the area.

3. Pay Attention To The Exit Sign Position

More often than not, the position of the exit sign indicates which side of the road is the exit. So if you’re not familiar with the highway you’re driving, you might wanna check it out.

4. Cool Your Car Down Without Blasting The Air Conditioner

Air conditioner consumes gasoline, avoid wasting fuel by rolling down one window then open and close the door on the other side a couple of times to let the hot air out.

5. Use Your Chin To Increase The Range Of Car-Retrieval Signal

This may seem like an old trick but surprisingly, many people still don’t know about it. The fluid in your head turns it into an adequate conductor. So putting the car key fob on your chin increases its range.

6. Use Shoe Organizer For Your Travel Essentials

If you travel a lot, especially with kids, putting shoe organizers at the back of the seats can be used as extra storage for all your supplies.

7. Plunger Can Fix Small Dents

Try pushing a plumber firmly against a small dent and then pull it out to see if the dent goes back to normal. If it does, it may just save you the trip to car servicing shop.

8. Create A GPS Stand

If you don’t have built-in GPS feature in your car and you use your phone as GPS a rubber band can be used as phone holder.

9. Get Directions From Fast Food Delivery Place

If you ever get lost in an unfamiliar city or country, this is the place to ask for directions. Why? Well, they deliver food to different places around your current location so they know how to get around more than an average local.

10. Avoid Being Conned By A Mechanic

Whether you’re planning to take your vehicle for car polishing or something went wrong on the road, you can avoid being duped. Ask the mechanic about any part in the car that you’re sure is in good shape. If the guy says it needs to be fixed, drive away. 


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