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Top 9 Road Trip Friendly Tips

Road trips are fun and exciting! It’s a great way to explore new places while gaining a lot of benefits like being able to sharpen your mind, seeing things in new and brighter way, building your confidence to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. But to make sure you get the best out of your travel experience, mind these tips to avoid common mishaps on the road.

1. Pick An Enthusiastic Companion

Nothing sucks out the life out of a supposedly fun trip than having a travel buddy who is in a completely different page. So you might wanna make sure that the person you’d be traveling with is someone who understands the responsibilities and challenges of travelling, but is also spontaneous enough to take things in stride.

2. Be Realistic With Your Budget
Do your research well when it comes to possible expenses so you can budget well. Believe me; you don’t wanna cut your trip short because you ended up with not enough money to go on.  Be smart on the things to save and splurge and make sure to set a fund for unexpected expenses.

3. Make Sure You Take A Reliable Car
If would rather bring a car than to commute, you better be certain that that vehicle won’t be a problem. Have the car checked for possible repairs before the trip; opt for a ride that ensures fuel economy, passenger comfort, cargo volume, off-road ability and cruise control. Secured safety features like airbags, traction control, vehicle stability, and tire pressure monitor system should also be a non-negotiable.

4. Don’t Drive Tired
You’re supposed to be headed for a fun and relaxing getaway, not to a hospital due to road accident. No one wants that, so don’t risk it by forcing yourself to drive even if you’re already beat just so you could go home by a set schedule. Give your body the rest that it needs to avoid accident.

5. You Pick The Playlist
The driver should be able to pick the playlist. Why? Because music can affect the driver’s mood, which means he can be as engaged or not on the wheels depending on the music he hears.

6. Don’t Be Too Confident With Your GPS
What if your phone goes haywire all of a sudden? Then you’d end up not knowing which route to go because you relied on one source for GPS. Better have a backup gadget as well as backup navigation apps just to be sure.

7. Get Off The Highway
Now, where the fun in that if you stay on the highway? That’s fine if you’re already headed home, but if you’re still in the middle of the road trip, why not goes off the beaten path? Who knows, you might discover a local restaurant or a tourists spot that not many people know but turned out to be a great find? Just make sure your car is prepared for fewer gas stations, public attractions, and rest stops since you’d be going in less traveled road.

8. Opt For Healthier Snack
Yes, you need to eat when your stomach calls for it, but you’ll get tired right away, not to mention gain more weight if you stop for fast food every time your tummy growls.  Have a stash of easy snacks that are a good combo of protein, carbs, and healthy fats to keep you satisfied in the car.

9. If You Can, Don’t Crash On Motels
If you come to think of it, hotel accommodation don’t costs that much considering that they often come with complimentary meals, a nice pool, fitness centers, and comfy mattresses. Plus you can always split the price with your travel companion, so why settle for a motel with amenities you can’t be sure of?

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