Martes, Agosto 30, 2016

Top 10 budget friendly cars that you can definitely afford

When you’re in desperate need of a car and you’re on a tight budget, you need to let go of superficial preferences and be extremely practical. 

1.     Hyundai Elantra
Not only that this is the only manual transmission available in the entire 2010 Elantra sedan lineup (which we know are cheaper than automatics), it’s also tuned for maximum fuel efficiency.

2.      Kia Forte Sedan
Prep yourself because this list is dominated by Hyundais and Kias which are Korean. Yes it’s a little expensive but as mentioned we’re going for the practical ones to buy and own. This Forte is a six-speed manual transmission, plus it’s quite attractive too.

3.      Suzuki SX4 Sedan
You’d assume more people are into this hatchback since its price is quite reasonable considering it’s decently fast. But surprisingly it’s one of the most underrated cars. Three year insurance cost of this one is only $3830 and three-year fuel cost would be $3563.

4.      Kia Soul
This may be small but it offers an extensive menu of customization options not to mention that it only cost $21, 063 in three years, inclusive of base MSRP, EPA combined mileage, fuel cost, and insurance cost.

5.      Toyota Yaris Three-Door Hatchback
Yes, it’s about $1000 more expensive than a Smart Fortwo. But this has more cargo space and has more passenger space so it gives you a feeling of a real car.

6.      Kia Rio Sedan
When it comes to driving experience, Rio sure is more than an anemic shuffle. Actually, it placed third on the comparison test of econocars. Not to mention that it’s only costs $19, 378 in three years of owning it, so there’s that.

7.      Chevrolet Aveo Sedan
Okay, let’s get this straight. We did include this sedan on the list because three-year costs are within reasonable one. But you’d want to opt for the 2011 model, it’s similarly thrifty but it’s a lot better compared to its predecessor.

8.      Smart Fortwo Coupe
If you’re only after a vehicle so you can have a ride to and from anywhere that is small, cheap and fuel efficient, this is great. Just don’t expect that much from this Coupe.

9.      Hyundai Accent Three-Door Hatchback
While the Accent is the cheapest car on the list, you have to be aware right off the bat that it’s insurance cost over three years isn’t that cheap. So, if you’re really wanna stick on the budget, you might want to prioritize your insurance agent.

10. Nissan Versa 1.6 Base
Well, the Nissan Versa is fine. It is quite competent and capacious for its $17, 506 three-year cost of ownership. But you’ll have to do with some setbacks. But then, it is the cheapest car possible. If you want a little more quality than what the Nissan Versa can offer you with the same price, start looking for trust-worthy used cars.

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