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Facts About Tires That You Should Be Aware Of

Tires are vital parts of vehicles and yet they only get attention during a flat one. Since you’re spending hard earned money on them, don’t you wanna know valuable information about them? Tires don’t come cheap, read and learn a thing or two about getting the most out of your tires.

You’ll Find The Recommended Tire Pressure On The Inner Side Of The Door
Not the one indicated on the sidewall of the tires.

Valve Caps Are There To Keep Anything From Entering The Valve That Could Cause Air Loss
Even without the caps, the tire won’t lose air, but other elements like dust, water, and mud (which could cause the air loss) could enter the valve.  

Lowering Tire Pressure Is A No-No
Lowering the tire pressure doesn’t help on wet surfaces since it makes the car lock up and skid more. The same thing during summer season as it could flex or bend the tire wall if you do so.

You’ll Need To Increase Pressure During Winter
For every degree the temperature drops the pressure of the tire decreases by 1 PSI. That said, it is advisable to increase the pressure by 2 PSI for every 3 to 4 degree drop.

Tread Pattern Exists To Discharge Water On Wet Surfaces
Not for aesthetics or handling on dry surfaces.

Winter Tires Are Not Just Required On Snow Or Icy Roads
Even without snow or icy roads, if the temperature is below 10 degrees it would be best to be equipped with winter tires too. This keeps the tires from going stiff due to cold.

Air Pressure Should Be Checked Weekly

Tires lose pressure naturally, especially if you drive every day. So it’s best to check as often as weekly and not only when you take it to the car servicing.

Slick Tires Provide Better Grip And Handling Only In Dry Conditions
Yes, slick tires help cars or bikes go faster because they provide better grip and handling on the race track, but that’s only during dry conditions. On the other hand, using such tires on road-going vehicles on a wet surface can be very dangerous.

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