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Essential Things That Should Always Be In Your Car

A driver can bail out of a lot of sticky situations if he plans ahead. More often than not, things go south on you when you think nothing could go wrong. So it pays to hope for the best and plan for the worst, especially on the road. Here are some things that should always be kept in your car for all those just in case moments.  

Tire Gauge
Why allow yourself waste hours trying to fix your tires on the road if it only takes a minute to check how your tire is doing before you leave? The setback could be prevented if you had a tire gauge that will tell you if the tires aren’t properly inflated or they’re too worn out.

You should have at least a quart or two of oil as emergency supply, especially if your car requires a specific kind of oil. This should help you run your vehicle further in a safe zone when it suddenly stops in the middle of the highway.

Cellphone Charger
You’ll realize the importance of this when you find yourself in a car or road trouble and you can’t contact anyone for help because your phone run out of battery.

Phones these days have flashlights, but it’s still better if you have a stash of a good flashlight that will let you poke under the car or work on a hot engine. Aside from that, we know it provides better lighting compared to your phone.

Flat Tire Fixer
There are situations that changing your tires is not a feasible option even if you have a spare tire. Aside from that, there are cars that don’t have spare tires to begin with due to expenses, space or weight. In case you end up in any of these cases, run-flats or sealant in a can, that’s compatible to your tire type and won’t damage your tire pressure monitoring system once equipped, will save your life.

Booster Cables
These cables helps jump start your car in case you’re stuck with a dead battery. This usually happens when there’s a battery defect, freezing temperature, sometimes even too hot weather, but most of the times due to driving habits. Though booster cables can help, it’s still important that you spare some time to get to the root cause of your car's frequent battery problem.

GPS And Map
Not all cars have built-in navigation system. Therefore you’ll find a map or GPS handy when you are headed somewhere you’re not familiar. This should keep you from going around circles and get to your destination. Don’t be that person who insists on relying on his inner compass, they’re usually the ones who get lost.

Basic First-Aid Kit
Accidents happen more often than you think. Being prepared with basic first-aid kit will let you attend to minor burns or wound. At least, even if help arrives a little late you know you’ll survive. A makeshift blanket and small fire extinguisher should be a part of your kit too.

Food And Water
Convenience stores seem nowhere to be found when you desperately need a drink or bite. Having a stash of bottled water and a couple of biscuits or protein bars will quench your thirst and stop your hunger pangs when you’re stuck in a terrible traffic or you can’t make a stop due to the bad weather.

Insurance Information And Vehicle Registration
Nobody wants to be caught in a collision, but when you’re already there you will surely need both of these. You don’t want to be in a desperate situation and not have legal documents to at least help you with damages and clearing your name, just in case.

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