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Gas Mileage Tips That Will Help You Save Gas

Gasoline these days are incredibly expensive. Actually, if you try to compute how much of your salary goes to gasoline alone, it would even make you think twice if you really want a car to begin with.  

However, we cannot deny how convenient it is to have your own car. So, to at least get the most out of your gas here are some tips that you’d definitely find helpful.

Observe Speed Limit
I know, it feels cool to drive fast, it makes you feel like a badass racer, but it lowers your gas mileage by 33% at highway speed and 5% around town. So unless it’s an emergency, you might want to slow down.

Try Not To Haul Cargo On Your Car’s Roof
Having a large, blunt roof-top cargo box can increase aerodynamic drag, which means it affects the smoothness of your ride since due to wind resistance and reduces fuel economy. So it would be better to remove external cargo container when not in use.

Remove Excess Weight
The heavier your car becomes due items in your car the more MPG your vehicle loses. In this case, maybe you should check your car every once in a while if there are things in there that you don’t use so you can lighten the car a little bit.

Oil Changes Are Crucial
Check your user’s manual on how often and how to properly change oils. Knowing and following that, allows your car to run smoother and cleaner while using less fuel.

Don’t Forget Your Air Filter
If the air filter is not in its best condition, meaning it’s too dirty to produce clean and cool air to mix with fuel to create combustion, the more gasoline your car consumes. In the long run, it pays to check it regularly and change when it gets dirty.

Regular Maintenance
This one benefits your car’s overall performance, which is good because if the vehicle is at its tip-top shape then it’ll also mean better gas mileage. Better not skip on your car servicing appointment.  

Pay Attention To Your Driving Habits
Excessive idling, jackrabbit starts, stepping on the gas as soon as the light turns green, freeway driving, and the likes all contribute to decreased gas mileage. 

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