Martes, Mayo 24, 2016

Safety Checklist On Your Car Before Hitting The Road

Headlights And Taillights

Having these two properly working is important so that you can be seen by other motorists on the road even in the most limited visibility condition. That is, if you don’t want to be a part of a crash statistics.  

AC Air Flow

We can’t do anything about the hot weather. However, there’s something we can definitely do to make driving more comfortable during such times which is turn the AC unit. So better make sure it’s blowing out perfectly.


How many times had there been an accident due to under inflated or worn tires? It causes 11, 000 crashes and 200 deaths annually according to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Always do personal inspection before every ride.


The reason why there are filters is to filter air impurities. If that’s dirty or isn’t functioning then you’d be risking an engine trouble and reduced air quality.

Fluid Level

It’d be better if you check your fluid level and oil level early so you can take it to oil change shops before you hit critical level. This should prevent any hassle when you’re already on the road.


Whether its winter or summer season, trying to fix a dead battery in the middle of nowhere can be frustrating. But why let yourself end up in that situation when it’s something that can be easily prevented?

Vehicle Preparedness

A car has to have important tools or items necessary during car related emergencies at all times. These things should go in your compartment before anything else.

 Your Patience

You cannot predict what will happen on the road no matter how much you prepare. But you’ll be able to overcome any traffic, car trouble, or irritating drivers if you keep your cool and stay focused on driving carefully and defensively. 

Lunes, Mayo 2, 2016

5 Car Of The Future That Everyone Should Be Excited About

Who didn’t drool over James Bond films and his futuristic cars? Cars enthusiast are still probably dreaming about owning one while others sure did pondered over the possibility of the idea. But, what you should anticipate is that some futuristic car technologies are actually about to happen in the near future.

1. Cars That Can Communicate With Each Other
No, it’s not exactly talking cars, because that would be freaky. But communicate in a way of using wireless signals to send information back and forth between cars about their location, speed and direction. So it would be like getting a warning when your car gets a signal from another incoming vehicle which is about to collide to you so you could avoid it beforehand, or hits the brake automatically.

2. Self-Driving Car
These self-driving cars could possibly happen sooner that everybody expects since Google has already tested theirs on more than 200,000 miles of public highways and roads. So I guess parking would be the least of your worries soon. 

3. Augmented Reality Dashboard
This will give you a sci-fi feeling. Augmented reality dashboard is a technology where it can dashboard can identify external object in front of you display information about those on the windshield. This means you may see a warning sign on the windshield when you’re about to collide with another car or zoom in objects outside the car using a touch-screen window if BMW, who is currently researching about it, succeeds to make this happen, or any other manufacturer for that matter. 

4. Airbags
Nah, I already know that—is probably what you’re thinking right now. But, it’s not the common airbags. Mercedes, the auto manufacturer giant, are looking for ways to deploy airbags from underneath the car that can help stop the car before it crash. If this actually materializes, not only that it prevent serious injury that the passengers might suffer from otherwise, but also save the vehicle from great damage since it can stop the car once the sensors determines an inevitable impact. 

5. Energy-Storing Body Panels
Aside from being able to save on gas (and money due to gas expenses), mother earth would benefit when more hybrids are used. This is because that would mean less carbon dioxide emission. The only setback from this innovation would probably the amount of weight from their batteries. But not to worry because, 9 auto manufacturers in Europe are already researching for ways to lighten it up. That includes lightweight energy storing panels that can also charge faster.