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Ways To Tell If You’re Dealing With A Good Mechanic

Looking for car servicing in Singapore? I’m sure you’ll already come across a lot of different service provider. However, the question is, how will you know which among them is actually worth your time and their price? If you’re seriously stump, dig in and learn how to spot the best.

Have A Good Look At Their Workshop
When you’re canvasing for a mechanic don’t just look at the person, extend your eyesight to his shop as well. Scan the place and ask yourself these: Does it look like the mechanic is organized? Are the tools and parts grouped according to sizes and types? Can you see calendars, planners, or whiteboard schedules in there? If you answered yes to all of those questions then there’s a possibility that you’re in good hands. A mechanic’s workshop may not be spotless but it should be organized. 

Don’t Overlook The Receipt
Don’t just shove the receipt in your pocket and assume he’s good for providing one. Spend a time to see if the receipt is unreadable and if the mechanic won’t be bothered to explain the breakdown of your receipt. If that’s the case then you’re looking at someone who doesn’t expect you to be a regular client.

Check The Toolbox
A mechanic’s tools are the next best thing to his skills. Pay attention to whether he doesn’t have much and some haven’t been used by the looks of them. Or he has piles of them that are obviously spent. The latter are signs of experienced mechanic.

See How He Works With Minor Repair First
If you have a couple of car repair works, test the guy out with the minor ones first. If he does it well, gives a proper receipt without trying to convince you to get other parts of your car fixed or improved, he’s a catch.
Find Out What Brand Or Service He’s Good At
It’s best for your vehicle if the mechanic that will handle is someone whose specialty is your rides (service that you need). Dig through car forums so fellow car owners can give you recommendations.

Pay Attention To Your Car Parts
There are instances where dubious mechanics will tell customers that they have replaced the car part/s already, when in fact they didn’t. So, the client having no idea that he’s been trick and for sure ends up paying for the service. Don’t let it happen to you; ask to see the original part. But if you’re with a good mechanic you won’t even have to ask, he’ll show you right away and ask if you still want it.

Now that you know how to look for a good mechanic, time to get your car over there and have it done!

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