Huwebes, Marso 31, 2016

Facts About Cars That You Probably Don’t Know But Should

You’re a car enthusiast; you think you know everything about cars? Wait till’ you read about these facts.

The Mystery To The “Secret Triangle”
In case you’ve been wondering about that triangle or arrow next to the fuel pump icon that can be seen in newer cars, it’s actually to indicate your fuel tank’s location. Clever huh?

One Man Was Fined USD 1 Million For Speeding
If you’re driving in Switzerland, don’t step on the gas too much. They calculate fines according to the speed of the car and the driver's income over there. Doesn’t seem like much? Tell that to that Swedish guy who happened to be driving at 180 mph one day and got fined USD 1 million for speeding.

The Dashboard Was Originally Made From Wood
If you lived way back in the day, horse drawn carriages were the cars and a piece of wood served as a dashboard to keep mud from splattering on the carriage driver. So yes, no need for wipers back then.
Motor Car Is The Most Recycled Product
You may think you’re driving a brand new car with all new parts but you might not. 95% of retired vehicles are recycled yearly wherein the parts are used in new cars or other products. So even if you did bought a brand new car, that doesn’t mean you won’t be needing car repair at some point.

The Longest Duration Anyone Has Owned And Driven A Car Is 82 Years
For most of us, our first car was probably been long gone, either sitting idly at our parents’ house or replaced for a newer model when we finally saved enough from our paycheck. But a man named Allen Swift kept his throughout his life. Either he’s being sentimental since it’s a gorgeous Rolls-Royce Piccadilly-P1 Roadster from his father as a graduation gift in 1928 or just can’t afford to trade it up since it cost USD 10,900 at the time which is USD 141,700 in 2010 money.

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