Martes, Agosto 5, 2014

New Toyota Yaris For 2015

Toyota—the Japanese auto manufacturer—is launching the redesigned Yaris for the 2015 model year.

The new Yaris is said to be available in three packs which are L, LE, and SE. L is adorned with daytime running lights, power windows, and air condition system and 15-inch wheels.

Meanwhile, the LE pack is added by keyless entry, audio controlling system on the steering wheel, power side mirrors and the cruise control.

And the SE pack, aside from the sporty features in a suspension, stabilizer bars and breaking system it also have rear spoiler, bigger 16-inch wheels, fog lights and projector headlights. Plus there’s a steering and a gearshift covered by leather, sports fabric and black gloss elements in the interior.

The first part of this updated version of Yaris came from the Corolla 2014 model year which comes with three and five doors packs. The Japanese manufacturer fitted this novelty with 1.5-liter DOHC powertrain that produces a horsepower of 106 with 103 lb-ft. torque. Though you may go for the four-speed automatic transmission, it is still available in five-speed manual. Not only that, you also get to enjoy this ride with the company’s Entune Audio with 6.1-inch touchscreen, voice recognition, Bluetooth and USB port, and for the first time in Yaris, a navigation system, despite of the packs.

Mark August on your calendar and welcome this updated Toyota subcompact. Expect the basic version to cost around $15,670. While the LE- $17,330, and the SE will start from $17,645.Now those price would have done those packs justice if they come with the best paint protection, wouldn’t they?

Lunes, Agosto 4, 2014

Toyota And BMW To Develop BRZ Model

GT 86 and BRZ came into life due to Toyota and Subaru collaboration and we’re still enjoying these sports cars until today. For those of you who really loved this idea, you’ll be thrilled to know that Toyota is trying to work with BMW this time to give us an updated version of GT 86 and introduce a new sports car that came from the lineage of Supra built on the FT-1 concept car. 

Subaru’s support on the joint development of GT 86 is wavering a little due to BMW involvement. Though, Subaru has expressed uncertainty to continue collaborating with Toyota, they’d have to agree that BMW is more than capable to match or even exceed what Subaru has contributed on the GT 86 development.

On the other hand, the Japanese manufacturer is planning to launch three models in the GT 86 lineup. One above it and one below. Aside from that, it is possible that they’d be electrified and rear-wheel-drive, according to their representative. 

Following the latest Le Man prototype and Yaris hybrid concept, the Japanese carmaker is said to fit the next GT 86 with hybrid system.

Since Toyota and BMW’s partnership for the new platform is definite, the future Toyota model and possibly BMW too, is likely to make BMW Z4 run for its money.

If we’re lucky, a totally new sports car model may even debut from the both car maker’s team up. When that happens, we’ll dig every detail we can about it. From the engine down to the paint protection. We know you’re itching for it.

Biyernes, Agosto 1, 2014

Interesting Facts About Cars

Did you know that the color of the hippopotamus' sweat is red?
Interesting right?
It's not exactly an earth shattering kind of trivia but it's still fun to know something that others don't.
Knowing something new is always good,
no matter how minute the detail or insignificant it seem
So why not learn something new about cars that we benefit from on a daily basis.
Read these facts and you might look at your car in a different way after, car enthusiast or not.