Linggo, Hulyo 13, 2014

Prove Marchionne Wrong About Lancia

The Fiat and Chrysler’s CEO, Mr. Sergio Marchionne announced that he will eliminate the Lancia brand, those that are supposed to be sold in Italy because according to him “The Lancia brand has no history [outside Italy]”.
Despite the Marchionne-bashing that seems to take a life of its own, his cleverness as a businessman is undeniable. He eliminated the reliability stigma on Maserati in ‘80s through his engineering excellence, to make it a coveted luxury brand again.
 Aside from that he also invested 5 billion euro to fix the mistake of the former Fiat and Chrysler’s CEO on the Alfa Romeo and revive its prestige and brand value which the 4C showed great potential to accomplish that goal.
His ability to stand against Italian unions is also undeniable especially during the times when he was trying to rebuild Alfa Romeo and re-launch Fiat in the US.
Because it is evident that his smart, do you think he’s right about Lancia? Should it really be gone for good? It’s not that we’re standing against Marchionne but he should reconsider this one and give a chance.
From the brands legacy that it has established through the likes of Stratos, 037, or the Delta Integrale HF, Lancia no doubt can make a comeback. A little inspiration from today’s market demands, combined with the ‘60s and early ‘70s elegance and design, then Lancia can definitely take inspiration from the VW move on their Seat and Skoda and rise again. Who knows, with a little more faith on the brand’s heritage they might even do better than VW in terms of turn around.
Tear your eyes away for a second from the car you’re grooming and tell Marchionne what you think about Lancia. If you have an even better idea, then by all means say it, it might inspire him and change his mind about getting rid of it.

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