Linggo, Hunyo 22, 2014

STI will become like BMW M

A new regional office for Fuji Heavy Industries in Singapore will be opened in order to further study the customer preferences of the Subaru’s parent company in the Asean region. 
During the press conference, the Corporate Senior Vice-President for Fuji Heavy Industries And Chief General Manager For Subaru Overseas & Marketing Division 2 Plus Subaru Parts & Accessories Division, Hidetoshi Kobayashi said that despite the 70 percent contribution of Japanese cars in the regional car sales, Subaru is still being left behind in terms of sales.
However, Kobayashi said that the sales during the 2013 January local assembly in Malaysia and the Thailand and Indonesia exports increased “by more than ten times. So we though, now is the time to be more aggressive and sell more cars, and to do that we really need to know the customers really want from a Subaru car.”
Due to the difficulties of the past years like many other Japanese automobile manufacturers, Subaru managed to come up with a strategy to turn things around. And in 2013, Subaru have seen 26 percent sales improvement in USA which they were able to achieve through XV crossover and new WRX performance sedan release.
That’s not all, Mr. Kobayashi definitely created a buzz due to his intent to increase model range for Asean and Singapore and run like a premium sub-brand.
Imagine more Levorg wagon and then STI running around in Singapore like a BMW M?

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