Huwebes, Hunyo 19, 2014

Car Detailing: Things That You Should Know

Aside from dirt wiping, car grooming has more to offer. Here they are.

Don’t Start Cleaning Without Lubricant
You will prevent scratching the paint when you use water, spray wax, waterless wash product or soap, plus it will surely remove dirt from the exterior. Unlike wiping it dry where you’re just probably pushing the dirt around.

Work Step By Step
You risk causing water spots on the paint, wasting time and smudging the windows when you don’t clean strategically. Don’t splash the entire car right away, clean the wheels first, then the paint, work on the interior next and the windows.

Allot One Bucket To Mitt Painted Areas
Use separate wash mitt for the paint and wheels. This way you avoid scratching the paint with the brake dust from the wheels when you use a single mitt for the entire car.

Use Grit Guard Insert
Put it in the bucket. This will prevent dirt at the bottom of the bucket from soiling the mitt that you use to clean the car.

Use Wheel Woolies
They make scrubbing easier because it gets into narrow spaces that is hard to reach with ordinary scrubs.

Microfiber Towels Are For The Paint
A heavy 300-400-gsm of microfiber towels are great on paint because it doesn’t scratch it, aside from that it easily picks up dirt when washing and release it when drying.

Waterless Wash Product For Cleaning
When combined with microfiber towel, you can forget water altogether. 5-10 towels and 10-20 ounces of this product can clean your car. Just use a scooping motion when picking up the dirt, with light pressure and you’re good to go.

Wet Painted Surfaces With Light-Mist Spray Wax Or Hydrophobic Drying Agent
This will provide a thin layer of protection when you’re on the process of drying the car after washing.

Portable Vacuum Blower For Tight Spots
This will release trapped water in mirrors, tailings, and emblems that will likely to spill out when you drive unless to remove it beforehand.

Vacuum Attachments For The Interior
When you’re done with the tight spots, use the attachments for air vent, crevice and other gaps.

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