Linggo, Hunyo 29, 2014

Why and when you need car polishing?

        Cars are one of the best investments you could ever make. Owning a car allow you to be comfortable and at ease while traveling. But you don’t want your investment to just slip away from your hands due to poor car care. Having a car is just like having stilettos, it gets you wherever you want to go, helps you establish and maintain your status and boosts your ego. So, why not have a regular car polishing service? Or you are not sure yet whether you still need?
What is car polishing? Car polishing is a general term for processes to mask paint defects and enhance the appearance of your car. It is also a great way to protect the paint work of your car. When do you need to polish your car and how often? To answer this question there are a range of variables that need to be considered. Anyhow, allow this article to give you some points on why and when do you need car polishing.

Your car’s condition
Is it brand new or second-hand or too old? With brand new cars you may not need car polishing but doing so is applying a layer of protection against paint erosion and other factors that causes unnecessary marks and scratches. If it is a second-hand car, car polishing removes water marks, scratches, swirl marks and other marks that you hate to see every day. Scratches and marks just make your car old or as if it wasn’t taken care well enough. If it’s is too old consider some car polishing service that provides a tougher coat protection like ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection that give a harden and glossy glass-like protective shield that will make your car look brand new.

Your expectations
The main aim of those who provide car polishing services is to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with how your car look. To continually have the satisfaction that your car will remain in good shape, consider having regular grooming and car polishing works. A well-maintained car also secures you that it will have a high resale prices. Some superb car polishing works like ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection guarantees you to have a good-looking car for three year provided that you take good care good enough. When considering car polishing, you might also want to ask yourself on how would you like your car to look every day, if you want is to look good and protected as always, and then never forget that the best way to have it is by committing yourself to take good care of your car.

Your car’s type and how you use it
This is the main variable to consider. If you’re like those who are very OC on vehicles, making sure that you’re on the right speed level while driving or very careful on parking to avoid bumping to another car’s bumper, then there will be minimal damage done on your car which means that its condition is still intact. Also, get to know your car; its type will determine how often you need car check-ups and maintenance.

Your expectations
Well, the best answer about whether to get car polishing services is a big yes; and how often? Consider the factors that were enlisted in this article. Lastly, avail services from car grooming companies that have innovative a guaranteed quality service.    

Linggo, Hunyo 22, 2014

STI will become like BMW M

A new regional office for Fuji Heavy Industries in Singapore will be opened in order to further study the customer preferences of the Subaru’s parent company in the Asean region. 
During the press conference, the Corporate Senior Vice-President for Fuji Heavy Industries And Chief General Manager For Subaru Overseas & Marketing Division 2 Plus Subaru Parts & Accessories Division, Hidetoshi Kobayashi said that despite the 70 percent contribution of Japanese cars in the regional car sales, Subaru is still being left behind in terms of sales.
However, Kobayashi said that the sales during the 2013 January local assembly in Malaysia and the Thailand and Indonesia exports increased “by more than ten times. So we though, now is the time to be more aggressive and sell more cars, and to do that we really need to know the customers really want from a Subaru car.”
Due to the difficulties of the past years like many other Japanese automobile manufacturers, Subaru managed to come up with a strategy to turn things around. And in 2013, Subaru have seen 26 percent sales improvement in USA which they were able to achieve through XV crossover and new WRX performance sedan release.
That’s not all, Mr. Kobayashi definitely created a buzz due to his intent to increase model range for Asean and Singapore and run like a premium sub-brand.
Imagine more Levorg wagon and then STI running around in Singapore like a BMW M?

Huwebes, Hunyo 19, 2014

Car Detailing: Things That You Should Know

Aside from dirt wiping, car grooming has more to offer. Here they are.

Don’t Start Cleaning Without Lubricant
You will prevent scratching the paint when you use water, spray wax, waterless wash product or soap, plus it will surely remove dirt from the exterior. Unlike wiping it dry where you’re just probably pushing the dirt around.

Work Step By Step
You risk causing water spots on the paint, wasting time and smudging the windows when you don’t clean strategically. Don’t splash the entire car right away, clean the wheels first, then the paint, work on the interior next and the windows.

Allot One Bucket To Mitt Painted Areas
Use separate wash mitt for the paint and wheels. This way you avoid scratching the paint with the brake dust from the wheels when you use a single mitt for the entire car.

Use Grit Guard Insert
Put it in the bucket. This will prevent dirt at the bottom of the bucket from soiling the mitt that you use to clean the car.

Use Wheel Woolies
They make scrubbing easier because it gets into narrow spaces that is hard to reach with ordinary scrubs.

Microfiber Towels Are For The Paint
A heavy 300-400-gsm of microfiber towels are great on paint because it doesn’t scratch it, aside from that it easily picks up dirt when washing and release it when drying.

Waterless Wash Product For Cleaning
When combined with microfiber towel, you can forget water altogether. 5-10 towels and 10-20 ounces of this product can clean your car. Just use a scooping motion when picking up the dirt, with light pressure and you’re good to go.

Wet Painted Surfaces With Light-Mist Spray Wax Or Hydrophobic Drying Agent
This will provide a thin layer of protection when you’re on the process of drying the car after washing.

Portable Vacuum Blower For Tight Spots
This will release trapped water in mirrors, tailings, and emblems that will likely to spill out when you drive unless to remove it beforehand.

Vacuum Attachments For The Interior
When you’re done with the tight spots, use the attachments for air vent, crevice and other gaps.

Lunes, Hunyo 9, 2014

Google’s New Endeavor: Self-Driving Vehicles

Despite the possibility of these self-driving cars to work on the road and signs that there are automakers willing to take on it and produce for public consumers, Google hast still made a clear answer about the future of their new technology.

For those who have been waiting, the question have finally been answered, Google is onto building their own self-driving steering wheels-free cars.
100 prototype vehicles, furnished with two seats, just enough space for passengers and buttons for inputting directions is what the plans stated by Chris Urmson the Google’s director. This is after testing Toyota Priuses and Lexus RX 300s with sensors and Google software installed, for years.
In a blog post, Urmson stated that “They won’t have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal… because they don’t need them. Our software and sensors do all the work. The vehicles will be very basic—we want to learn from them and adapt them as quickly as possible—but they will take you where you want to go at the push of a button.”
With the target to launch a pilot test project in California, since self-driving cars is legal there, in the near future, Google cars are reported to be limited to 25 mph only with seat belts, headlamps and wipers. They didn’t tell what powers the car, though.
Despite the buildup and assurances, legal and moral concerns are still being raised due to the fact that locations that aren’t mapped can’t be reached by Google’s system and it can’t tell the difference of object’s density also. Major car manufacturers still believe that a human input is still necessary to drive a car.
Although Google’s attempt on this self-driving cars looks promising and futuristic, consumers may still prefer to have control over a car than rely on the system alone due to safety concerns and driving experience (being able to step on the gas for speed and use the steering wheel to turn left and right is still way cooler right?). Why not develop a better paint protection so that car owners can always have a sleek and shiny car?