Martes, Abril 8, 2014

Welcome the 2014 Porsche Cayman!

Despite the tiny lack of power, which doesn’t really cost you any problem unless you’re planning to make your car fly, the Germans has definitely delivered another drool worthy car in the character of 2014 Porsche Cayman.

This sports car never fails to live up to its reputation, from the view that you get as you relish the comfort of the seat that allows you to see the road clearly plus the beautiful sight, not to mention that you also get to enjoy the best of both front bumper and back bumper. No need to strain for the shifter and pedals because they are exactly positioned where your hands and feet falls.

The engine sitting mid-ship as I mentioned earlier, which by-the-way is really cool, isn’t for the vanity alone, because it lets you turn to corners left and right with ease especially on dry patches.

Enough with the seats, let get on the exterior which along with its great spray painting that definitely highlights it’s low and sharp bodywork, will absolutely earn you and your car praises from people even in the winter.

Not to forget the important details, you should know that my initial warning about its power doesn’t mean you can’t hustle during the rush hour because the Cayman’s 2.7 liter H6 provides just about the right amount of power that you need, though you don’t get to move unless you get to a higher rev. However, the good thing is that whether you’re on a lower rev or higher one when driving, your vehicle will still sound good, but of course who’s surprised, Porsche always sounds good.

Now for the price tag, you know that quality can really come with a price but if it gives you the visceral satisfaction when it comes to the driving experience what’s a little more zeros on that check? It’s Porsche after all.

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