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The Guy Behind The Curvaceous Audi: Walter De Silva

Fiat’s junior designer at the age of 21, in charge of SEAT Design Centre in 1999, managing Audi brand group’s design requirements since March 2002, head of design in the Volkswagen Group and the man behind Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat, Skoda and VW is no other than Walter Desilva.
De’Silva gained popularity through his 156 sedan and Sportwagon of the late 1990, while his iron is still hot he stroked it by joining the VW Group and from then on his name became even more prevalent with his clever designs from the Salsa and Tango concepts for Seat, adding curves to the Audi, the “emotional design” in 2002, up to his TT, A5, A6 and R8 which all became a success.
He is considered as VW Group’s hit machine due to his consecutive hit car designs since he took over as the head designer for the VW Group. Especially when he transformed the VW brand’s less appealing designs into the Jetta and Scirocco which came out with a bang. De’Silva continued to create astonishing designs, lasting brands, segments, generated consistent sales and has spread his influence to car enthusiasts both internal and external until now making his name a household name in the car industry.
Walter De’Silva’s goal is to achieve the perfect balance between craftsmanship and high-tech which is probably why since he started in his career and even up to now, his staying power in the car world has been unshakable despite the retro 2006 Lamborghini Miura concept flop.
Today, when you hear his name, you know you’re getting both a high-end car and a satisfying one when it comes to the driving experience. He is the kind of designer who definitely knows how to please an investor and a car buyer; undeniably living up to his reputation as the VW’s hit machine.
For a car designer to gain that kind of status, he should know that the best paint protection, though essential, doesn’t make a car high-end but the quality of it as a whole.

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