Lunes, Abril 21, 2014

Learn more about Car Paint!

Mysterious Black? Hot Red? Calm Gray? Neat White? Whatever your car paint is, it gives the personality of your car.   It wasn’t even invented solely for the enhancement of the appearance of the car but as a protective layer against harmful substance that can ruin your car exterior metal. To achieve a sleek looking car, spray painting is the commonly use method. So, what is more to it that you probably didn’t know?


Around late 1800s, when horseless buggy were the primary mode of transportation, they only used varnish system applied by a brush to coat the vehicle with black as the only available color.  In 1920s, lacquer paints were available in different colors. Enamel was used in 1930s for a more durable coat. Then, mixing lacquer and acrylic was discovered in late 1950s which provided an even more durable paint. By 1970s, the method of applying a clear coat over the base coat was practiced for greater shine and protection. During the mid-to late-1980s, primers and overcoats were highly famous and applied. The 1990s introduce more car paint colors and paint manufacturers became more concerned with increasing its protective elements.


Obviously, car paint is used to give hue to your automobile but it is also heat-resistant and has protective elements that can protect your car from corrosive elements. It was created to withstand UV rays, impact from stones, road chippings, damaging effect of rain, oil, petrol, and car washing. Moreover, it prevents rusting and oxidation.


Your car paint is composed of a primer coat, base coat, and clear coat. The primer is the first to be applied that serves as a leveler, protector form corrosion, heat, stone chips, etc. and facilitate the ease of application of other coats. The base coat is the color coat which can be divided into three categories: solid paints, metallic paints, and pearlescent paints. Solid paints don’t have sparkle effects and are commonly employed with heavy transport vehicles and airplanes. Metallic paints create a sparkling effect due to its aluminum flakes. Pearlescent paints give a profound color that is glowing because it contains special iridescent pigments. The final touch is the clear coat which is transparent and glossy applied to resist abrasions and serves as protection from UV rays.


Car painting can be tricky as it can easily be smudge and the best technique to do car painting is spray painting. Do pattern test first and continuously spray the area back and forth for a smooth finish. Car paint dries faster than any other paint.

Tip from Experts!

Applying paint protection is important. Zinc is the primary component of paint protection products; it is a natural anti-corrosive element that protects and prevents your car from rusting and paint erosion. Repair chirping immediately as it causes further damages that may not be visible to eye due to the humid and dirt getting into the car coat.

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