Martes, Marso 18, 2014

The Art of Restoration

When you were still a student, living under your parent’s roof, the car that you can have depends on what they can afford and what they want you to have at the moment. Well, to drive around a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche in high school is just too extravagant right, even if you really want one.

However, when you start earning your own money, you get to start saving up for a dream car that you have been eyeing for so long.

At first you probably desire those Mercedes-Benz convertible that everybody seems to be hooked on, or an SUV with leather seats and a cutting-edge navigation systems but sometimes as you grow older your preferences changes.

You may start appreciating the beauty of vintage cars that you don’t even shoot a single glance before, like the 1955 Chevy Bel-Air your playmates dad when you were 7 drives to work every day, your granddads old Sunbeam Tiger that he uses to take you to the zoo or the Pontiac GTO that you always see in the movies. Or that classic Mustang that you had in high school that you didn’t like very much, but had no other choice but to use it, that had been sitting at your ancestral house for a long time now?

But then, those kinds of cars are hard to find nowadays, used cars on the other hand may be available but may be carrying a lot of mechanical, upholstery and not to mention exterior problems.
Despite all of that, don’t be disappointed, restoration can save your day. Time, money and ambition when combined together can make an old vintage car look and run like a brand new one.

Naturally, you have to realize that restoration is not magic, but if executed precisely and with proper car grooming you’ll be able to lay your hands on that classic vehicle and take it on the road with a condition as if you just bought it at the dealer’s shop the year it was made.

Fortunately for you, the technology of today even made the access to parts of old and obsolete cars easier, even weekend mechanics have sources for all kinds of guides and advice on restoration to give you a chance at that vintage car that you are drooling at.

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