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Hue and Your Car: What kind of a driver are you?

"People can have the Model T in any color - so long as it's black."—Henry Ford

The pioneer of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, might want to crawl out from his grave and review his statement. Black cars fell off short in establishing one’s uniqueness and identity but it’s still the symbol of professionalism and elegance, hence, businessmen are on the road with their sleek, black and envy-worthy cars.

Car industry has now lots of car colors to offer from the staple black, gray and blue to colors such as bright yellow, energizing red and neon painted one. With the outrage for colors, car care is also at its peak as owners look for the best paint protection and grooming care. The physique of the car which includes the color and the overall appearance basically induce sales as 93% of car shoppers’ primary reason for purchasing a car was its visual appearance and 83% says that its due to the car exquisite car paint job and color.

Moreover, a research from the United Kingdom in 2009 relates the car hue to the driver’s attitude towards driving. This research findings concluded that black cars drivers were more likely to be involves in road accidents, whereas, softer or cream colored car drivers were less likely to be in an accident. Dynamic colors like red were highly picked by fast drivers, thus, red hot Ferrari are common in the car racing industry. In relation to this, color psychology argued that colors, indeed, says something about our psyche. Theorists believed distant drivers prefer silver cars, people practices simple living opts for white cars, and pink cars are always associated with femininity.

However, certain factors like culture may tell otherwise on the meanings of colors that color psychology suggests allowing skeptics to not favor the color theory. For example, color pink in other cultural contexts symbolizes masculinity and slain warriors, not femininity. Even with the debate whether color reflects personality, here are some of the colors and what it may tell about you:

White :
You are fastidious, enjoying simple life, have strong attention to detail & are possibly a perfectionist
Pink :
Gentle, loving, and caring
Red :
You are energetic, dynamic and have a lust of life
Purple :
You are creative, unafraid of stepping outside of the norm and happy to be seen as unique
Blue :
You are confident, quiet, and dependable
Green :
You are trustworthy, traditional, and balanced, but can also be lively and occasionally hysterical
Yellow :
You are upbeat, intelligent, and young at heart
You are practical, reliable, down to earth, and pragmatic
Grey :
You are calm, sober, and very career-driven
Silver :
You are calm, cool, elegant, futuristic, and possibly detached
Black :
You are conservative, empowered, elegant and professional

Whatever your reasons are for choosing your car color, may it be the staple sleek black, bright neon yellow, or the forever red hot, one thing is for sure; to maintain its appearance, proper care and maintenance is needed. Right grooming services provider, right paint protection products, and right tools are the keys!

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