Martes, Agosto 5, 2014

New Toyota Yaris For 2015

Toyota—the Japanese auto manufacturer—is launching the redesigned Yaris for the 2015 model year.

The new Yaris is said to be available in three packs which are L, LE, and SE. L is adorned with daytime running lights, power windows, and air condition system and 15-inch wheels.

Meanwhile, the LE pack is added by keyless entry, audio controlling system on the steering wheel, power side mirrors and the cruise control.

And the SE pack, aside from the sporty features in a suspension, stabilizer bars and breaking system it also have rear spoiler, bigger 16-inch wheels, fog lights and projector headlights. Plus there’s a steering and a gearshift covered by leather, sports fabric and black gloss elements in the interior.

The first part of this updated version of Yaris came from the Corolla 2014 model year which comes with three and five doors packs. The Japanese manufacturer fitted this novelty with 1.5-liter DOHC powertrain that produces a horsepower of 106 with 103 lb-ft. torque. Though you may go for the four-speed automatic transmission, it is still available in five-speed manual. Not only that, you also get to enjoy this ride with the company’s Entune Audio with 6.1-inch touchscreen, voice recognition, Bluetooth and USB port, and for the first time in Yaris, a navigation system, despite of the packs.

Mark August on your calendar and welcome this updated Toyota subcompact. Expect the basic version to cost around $15,670. While the LE- $17,330, and the SE will start from $17,645.Now those price would have done those packs justice if they come with the best paint protection, wouldn’t they?

Lunes, Agosto 4, 2014

Toyota And BMW To Develop BRZ Model

GT 86 and BRZ came into life due to Toyota and Subaru collaboration and we’re still enjoying these sports cars until today. For those of you who really loved this idea, you’ll be thrilled to know that Toyota is trying to work with BMW this time to give us an updated version of GT 86 and introduce a new sports car that came from the lineage of Supra built on the FT-1 concept car. 

Subaru’s support on the joint development of GT 86 is wavering a little due to BMW involvement. Though, Subaru has expressed uncertainty to continue collaborating with Toyota, they’d have to agree that BMW is more than capable to match or even exceed what Subaru has contributed on the GT 86 development.

On the other hand, the Japanese manufacturer is planning to launch three models in the GT 86 lineup. One above it and one below. Aside from that, it is possible that they’d be electrified and rear-wheel-drive, according to their representative. 

Following the latest Le Man prototype and Yaris hybrid concept, the Japanese carmaker is said to fit the next GT 86 with hybrid system.

Since Toyota and BMW’s partnership for the new platform is definite, the future Toyota model and possibly BMW too, is likely to make BMW Z4 run for its money.

If we’re lucky, a totally new sports car model may even debut from the both car maker’s team up. When that happens, we’ll dig every detail we can about it. From the engine down to the paint protection. We know you’re itching for it.

Biyernes, Agosto 1, 2014

Interesting Facts About Cars

Did you know that the color of the hippopotamus' sweat is red?
Interesting right?
It's not exactly an earth shattering kind of trivia but it's still fun to know something that others don't.
Knowing something new is always good,
no matter how minute the detail or insignificant it seem
So why not learn something new about cars that we benefit from on a daily basis.
Read these facts and you might look at your car in a different way after, car enthusiast or not.

Biyernes, Hulyo 25, 2014

Update On 2016 Land Rover

The carmaker of Land Rover who is currently working on the new version of the vehicle, planned to be called Discovery Sport, introduced some details about it already. 

The updated LR2 model of 2013 will remind you of Land Rover Discovery concept especially with its new four-cylinder turbocharged powertrain, luxury interior and brand’s off-road system the Terrain Response.

The auto manufacturer of LR2 is said to share the same platform as the Evoque model and they even picked their U.K. plant to make their presentation of the novelty.

Those who are planning to purchase this novelty are in for a treat. Aside from having two powertrains, 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine and 3.0-liter V6 supercharged powertrain, it is also built on LR-MS platform that’s composed of aluminum and other lightweight materials.

The updated design of EUCD of Ford is also the design inspiration of the Discovery Sport’s exterior, looks like paint protection will be at the top of your priority again, plus it is still fitted with standard nine-speed automatic gearbox, regardless of the powertrain. 

To represent the car of 2016 model year, you’ll be seeing the five seats version of this model next year. After that the seven seats model will be launched. Not only that, replacing the LR4 with a new small model and including a subcompact and compact crossover to the Discovery family in accordance to the presence expansion plan in the auto market is also in the works.

Mark October on your calendar this year, and prepare for the official debut of Discover Sport at the annual auto show in Paris.

Miyerkules, Hulyo 16, 2014

The Audi Q7 To The Next Level

Good news for the SUV Audi Q7 enthusiast who have been waiting for its updated version, you’ll be seeing the updated version as a car of 2015 model year because the developments will be finished by the end of this year.

The introduction of the new Q7 would have been this year if not for the various upgrades on SUV done this year.

Volkswagen group’s developed platform which is MLB Evo is where the new Q7 is built from. A platform that is also planned to be used in “big” cars like Volkswagen Touareg, as well as the next generation of Porsche Cayenne, Lamborghini Urus, Bently SUV and electrical and plug-in hybrid models too.

The new Audi Q7 is expected to weigh only 5,300 pounds due to the lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber that will be used to construct the vehicle. Because of this, it became more than 650 pounds lighter than the previous one.

Not only that, you can choose from the renewed Q7 with 3.0-liter TFSI engine, 4.0-liter TFSI engine and 3.0-liter TDI engine. There’s a plug-in hybrid variant and diesel-electric variant for the U.S. buyers of this updated Q7 available on the market as well. If you’re wondering about the performance version, the quad-exhaust that we saw should confirm that. Los Angeles next month or in Paris in October will host the official debut of the new Audi Q7, as planned. 

If you’re preparing for this to change your ride then include car grooming on your list because with  a ride like this, you wouldn’t want to see even a hint of dust on it.

Linggo, Hulyo 13, 2014

Prove Marchionne Wrong About Lancia

The Fiat and Chrysler’s CEO, Mr. Sergio Marchionne announced that he will eliminate the Lancia brand, those that are supposed to be sold in Italy because according to him “The Lancia brand has no history [outside Italy]”.
Despite the Marchionne-bashing that seems to take a life of its own, his cleverness as a businessman is undeniable. He eliminated the reliability stigma on Maserati in ‘80s through his engineering excellence, to make it a coveted luxury brand again.
 Aside from that he also invested 5 billion euro to fix the mistake of the former Fiat and Chrysler’s CEO on the Alfa Romeo and revive its prestige and brand value which the 4C showed great potential to accomplish that goal.
His ability to stand against Italian unions is also undeniable especially during the times when he was trying to rebuild Alfa Romeo and re-launch Fiat in the US.
Because it is evident that his smart, do you think he’s right about Lancia? Should it really be gone for good? It’s not that we’re standing against Marchionne but he should reconsider this one and give a chance.
From the brands legacy that it has established through the likes of Stratos, 037, or the Delta Integrale HF, Lancia no doubt can make a comeback. A little inspiration from today’s market demands, combined with the ‘60s and early ‘70s elegance and design, then Lancia can definitely take inspiration from the VW move on their Seat and Skoda and rise again. Who knows, with a little more faith on the brand’s heritage they might even do better than VW in terms of turn around.
Tear your eyes away for a second from the car you’re grooming and tell Marchionne what you think about Lancia. If you have an even better idea, then by all means say it, it might inspire him and change his mind about getting rid of it.

Linggo, Hunyo 29, 2014

Why and when you need car polishing?

        Cars are one of the best investments you could ever make. Owning a car allow you to be comfortable and at ease while traveling. But you don’t want your investment to just slip away from your hands due to poor car care. Having a car is just like having stilettos, it gets you wherever you want to go, helps you establish and maintain your status and boosts your ego. So, why not have a regular car polishing service? Or you are not sure yet whether you still need?
What is car polishing? Car polishing is a general term for processes to mask paint defects and enhance the appearance of your car. It is also a great way to protect the paint work of your car. When do you need to polish your car and how often? To answer this question there are a range of variables that need to be considered. Anyhow, allow this article to give you some points on why and when do you need car polishing.

Your car’s condition
Is it brand new or second-hand or too old? With brand new cars you may not need car polishing but doing so is applying a layer of protection against paint erosion and other factors that causes unnecessary marks and scratches. If it is a second-hand car, car polishing removes water marks, scratches, swirl marks and other marks that you hate to see every day. Scratches and marks just make your car old or as if it wasn’t taken care well enough. If it’s is too old consider some car polishing service that provides a tougher coat protection like ZeTough Glass Coating Paint Protection that give a harden and glossy glass-like protective shield that will make your car look brand new.

Your expectations
The main aim of those who provide car polishing services is to make sure that you are happy and satisfied with how your car look. To continually have the satisfaction that your car will remain in good shape, consider having regular grooming and car polishing works. A well-maintained car also secures you that it will have a high resale prices. Some superb car polishing works like ZeTough Ceramic Paint Protection guarantees you to have a good-looking car for three year provided that you take good care good enough. When considering car polishing, you might also want to ask yourself on how would you like your car to look every day, if you want is to look good and protected as always, and then never forget that the best way to have it is by committing yourself to take good care of your car.

Your car’s type and how you use it
This is the main variable to consider. If you’re like those who are very OC on vehicles, making sure that you’re on the right speed level while driving or very careful on parking to avoid bumping to another car’s bumper, then there will be minimal damage done on your car which means that its condition is still intact. Also, get to know your car; its type will determine how often you need car check-ups and maintenance.

Your expectations
Well, the best answer about whether to get car polishing services is a big yes; and how often? Consider the factors that were enlisted in this article. Lastly, avail services from car grooming companies that have innovative a guaranteed quality service.    

Linggo, Hunyo 22, 2014

STI will become like BMW M

A new regional office for Fuji Heavy Industries in Singapore will be opened in order to further study the customer preferences of the Subaru’s parent company in the Asean region. 
During the press conference, the Corporate Senior Vice-President for Fuji Heavy Industries And Chief General Manager For Subaru Overseas & Marketing Division 2 Plus Subaru Parts & Accessories Division, Hidetoshi Kobayashi said that despite the 70 percent contribution of Japanese cars in the regional car sales, Subaru is still being left behind in terms of sales.
However, Kobayashi said that the sales during the 2013 January local assembly in Malaysia and the Thailand and Indonesia exports increased “by more than ten times. So we though, now is the time to be more aggressive and sell more cars, and to do that we really need to know the customers really want from a Subaru car.”
Due to the difficulties of the past years like many other Japanese automobile manufacturers, Subaru managed to come up with a strategy to turn things around. And in 2013, Subaru have seen 26 percent sales improvement in USA which they were able to achieve through XV crossover and new WRX performance sedan release.
That’s not all, Mr. Kobayashi definitely created a buzz due to his intent to increase model range for Asean and Singapore and run like a premium sub-brand.
Imagine more Levorg wagon and then STI running around in Singapore like a BMW M?

Huwebes, Hunyo 19, 2014

Car Detailing: Things That You Should Know

Aside from dirt wiping, car grooming has more to offer. Here they are.

Don’t Start Cleaning Without Lubricant
You will prevent scratching the paint when you use water, spray wax, waterless wash product or soap, plus it will surely remove dirt from the exterior. Unlike wiping it dry where you’re just probably pushing the dirt around.

Work Step By Step
You risk causing water spots on the paint, wasting time and smudging the windows when you don’t clean strategically. Don’t splash the entire car right away, clean the wheels first, then the paint, work on the interior next and the windows.

Allot One Bucket To Mitt Painted Areas
Use separate wash mitt for the paint and wheels. This way you avoid scratching the paint with the brake dust from the wheels when you use a single mitt for the entire car.

Use Grit Guard Insert
Put it in the bucket. This will prevent dirt at the bottom of the bucket from soiling the mitt that you use to clean the car.

Use Wheel Woolies
They make scrubbing easier because it gets into narrow spaces that is hard to reach with ordinary scrubs.

Microfiber Towels Are For The Paint
A heavy 300-400-gsm of microfiber towels are great on paint because it doesn’t scratch it, aside from that it easily picks up dirt when washing and release it when drying.

Waterless Wash Product For Cleaning
When combined with microfiber towel, you can forget water altogether. 5-10 towels and 10-20 ounces of this product can clean your car. Just use a scooping motion when picking up the dirt, with light pressure and you’re good to go.

Wet Painted Surfaces With Light-Mist Spray Wax Or Hydrophobic Drying Agent
This will provide a thin layer of protection when you’re on the process of drying the car after washing.

Portable Vacuum Blower For Tight Spots
This will release trapped water in mirrors, tailings, and emblems that will likely to spill out when you drive unless to remove it beforehand.

Vacuum Attachments For The Interior
When you’re done with the tight spots, use the attachments for air vent, crevice and other gaps.

Lunes, Hunyo 9, 2014

Google’s New Endeavor: Self-Driving Vehicles

Despite the possibility of these self-driving cars to work on the road and signs that there are automakers willing to take on it and produce for public consumers, Google hast still made a clear answer about the future of their new technology.

For those who have been waiting, the question have finally been answered, Google is onto building their own self-driving steering wheels-free cars.
100 prototype vehicles, furnished with two seats, just enough space for passengers and buttons for inputting directions is what the plans stated by Chris Urmson the Google’s director. This is after testing Toyota Priuses and Lexus RX 300s with sensors and Google software installed, for years.
In a blog post, Urmson stated that “They won’t have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal… because they don’t need them. Our software and sensors do all the work. The vehicles will be very basic—we want to learn from them and adapt them as quickly as possible—but they will take you where you want to go at the push of a button.”
With the target to launch a pilot test project in California, since self-driving cars is legal there, in the near future, Google cars are reported to be limited to 25 mph only with seat belts, headlamps and wipers. They didn’t tell what powers the car, though.
Despite the buildup and assurances, legal and moral concerns are still being raised due to the fact that locations that aren’t mapped can’t be reached by Google’s system and it can’t tell the difference of object’s density also. Major car manufacturers still believe that a human input is still necessary to drive a car.
Although Google’s attempt on this self-driving cars looks promising and futuristic, consumers may still prefer to have control over a car than rely on the system alone due to safety concerns and driving experience (being able to step on the gas for speed and use the steering wheel to turn left and right is still way cooler right?). Why not develop a better paint protection so that car owners can always have a sleek and shiny car?

Miyerkules, Mayo 7, 2014

The First Two-Rotor Rotary Engine: Mazda Cosmo 110s

Most of the classic car that get attention or retain fame, despite the era, are either featured on a hit Hollywood movie or is hiding a beast engine under the hood that’s why it’s no wonder that Mazda Cosmo 110S wasn’t in the limelight then or now.

The Japanese have already penetrated the car industry but they know that in order to maintain their place they have to find the design inspiration in their western counterparts.

But then, with Cosmo, Mr. Heiji Kobayashi decided not to import help with the design but derived the designs with the most popular cars during those time such as Ford Thunderbird and Ferrari 400 SuperAmerica.

As a result from the car inspirations, Cosmo was built to meet the American needs in a car and to build a car for the Japanese market. It’s a two-seater, two-rotor engine, short front overhang, long rear and of course right-hand driven.  Plus, it has a greenhouse that made the car bright and airy though due to those glass made it’s body seemed a little disconnected even if the wheels and tires perfectly  embodies the sleek sports car look.

Speaking of sports car, despite Cosmo’s best efforts to use Ferrari 400 SuperAmerica for inspiration, Cosmo didn’t turn out as so well; the beltline made the car look divided, brittle and lumpy which contradicted the designers plan. On the brighter side, Cosmo did get one thing right, the taillight treatment and indented trunk was innovative, original and well angled.

Though there are some epic fails on the way Cosmo was made, aside from the obvious attempt to mirror and nail the Western design by working with the Wankel rotary, still, you cannot deny that generally the design and engineering perspective is something to remember. It just proved that in order to produce an iconic car, every tiny detail from the design down to using the best paint protection should be spot on.

Miyerkules, Abril 30, 2014

The Guy Behind The Curvaceous Audi: Walter De Silva

Fiat’s junior designer at the age of 21, in charge of SEAT Design Centre in 1999, managing Audi brand group’s design requirements since March 2002, head of design in the Volkswagen Group and the man behind Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, Seat, Skoda and VW is no other than Walter Desilva.
De’Silva gained popularity through his 156 sedan and Sportwagon of the late 1990, while his iron is still hot he stroked it by joining the VW Group and from then on his name became even more prevalent with his clever designs from the Salsa and Tango concepts for Seat, adding curves to the Audi, the “emotional design” in 2002, up to his TT, A5, A6 and R8 which all became a success.
He is considered as VW Group’s hit machine due to his consecutive hit car designs since he took over as the head designer for the VW Group. Especially when he transformed the VW brand’s less appealing designs into the Jetta and Scirocco which came out with a bang. De’Silva continued to create astonishing designs, lasting brands, segments, generated consistent sales and has spread his influence to car enthusiasts both internal and external until now making his name a household name in the car industry.
Walter De’Silva’s goal is to achieve the perfect balance between craftsmanship and high-tech which is probably why since he started in his career and even up to now, his staying power in the car world has been unshakable despite the retro 2006 Lamborghini Miura concept flop.
Today, when you hear his name, you know you’re getting both a high-end car and a satisfying one when it comes to the driving experience. He is the kind of designer who definitely knows how to please an investor and a car buyer; undeniably living up to his reputation as the VW’s hit machine.
For a car designer to gain that kind of status, he should know that the best paint protection, though essential, doesn’t make a car high-end but the quality of it as a whole.

Lunes, Abril 21, 2014

Learn more about Car Paint!

Mysterious Black? Hot Red? Calm Gray? Neat White? Whatever your car paint is, it gives the personality of your car.   It wasn’t even invented solely for the enhancement of the appearance of the car but as a protective layer against harmful substance that can ruin your car exterior metal. To achieve a sleek looking car, spray painting is the commonly use method. So, what is more to it that you probably didn’t know?


Around late 1800s, when horseless buggy were the primary mode of transportation, they only used varnish system applied by a brush to coat the vehicle with black as the only available color.  In 1920s, lacquer paints were available in different colors. Enamel was used in 1930s for a more durable coat. Then, mixing lacquer and acrylic was discovered in late 1950s which provided an even more durable paint. By 1970s, the method of applying a clear coat over the base coat was practiced for greater shine and protection. During the mid-to late-1980s, primers and overcoats were highly famous and applied. The 1990s introduce more car paint colors and paint manufacturers became more concerned with increasing its protective elements.


Obviously, car paint is used to give hue to your automobile but it is also heat-resistant and has protective elements that can protect your car from corrosive elements. It was created to withstand UV rays, impact from stones, road chippings, damaging effect of rain, oil, petrol, and car washing. Moreover, it prevents rusting and oxidation.


Your car paint is composed of a primer coat, base coat, and clear coat. The primer is the first to be applied that serves as a leveler, protector form corrosion, heat, stone chips, etc. and facilitate the ease of application of other coats. The base coat is the color coat which can be divided into three categories: solid paints, metallic paints, and pearlescent paints. Solid paints don’t have sparkle effects and are commonly employed with heavy transport vehicles and airplanes. Metallic paints create a sparkling effect due to its aluminum flakes. Pearlescent paints give a profound color that is glowing because it contains special iridescent pigments. The final touch is the clear coat which is transparent and glossy applied to resist abrasions and serves as protection from UV rays.


Car painting can be tricky as it can easily be smudge and the best technique to do car painting is spray painting. Do pattern test first and continuously spray the area back and forth for a smooth finish. Car paint dries faster than any other paint.

Tip from Experts!

Applying paint protection is important. Zinc is the primary component of paint protection products; it is a natural anti-corrosive element that protects and prevents your car from rusting and paint erosion. Repair chirping immediately as it causes further damages that may not be visible to eye due to the humid and dirt getting into the car coat.

Martes, Abril 8, 2014

Welcome the 2014 Porsche Cayman!

Despite the tiny lack of power, which doesn’t really cost you any problem unless you’re planning to make your car fly, the Germans has definitely delivered another drool worthy car in the character of 2014 Porsche Cayman.

This sports car never fails to live up to its reputation, from the view that you get as you relish the comfort of the seat that allows you to see the road clearly plus the beautiful sight, not to mention that you also get to enjoy the best of both front bumper and back bumper. No need to strain for the shifter and pedals because they are exactly positioned where your hands and feet falls.

The engine sitting mid-ship as I mentioned earlier, which by-the-way is really cool, isn’t for the vanity alone, because it lets you turn to corners left and right with ease especially on dry patches.

Enough with the seats, let get on the exterior which along with its great spray painting that definitely highlights it’s low and sharp bodywork, will absolutely earn you and your car praises from people even in the winter.

Not to forget the important details, you should know that my initial warning about its power doesn’t mean you can’t hustle during the rush hour because the Cayman’s 2.7 liter H6 provides just about the right amount of power that you need, though you don’t get to move unless you get to a higher rev. However, the good thing is that whether you’re on a lower rev or higher one when driving, your vehicle will still sound good, but of course who’s surprised, Porsche always sounds good.

Now for the price tag, you know that quality can really come with a price but if it gives you the visceral satisfaction when it comes to the driving experience what’s a little more zeros on that check? It’s Porsche after all.

Martes, Marso 18, 2014

The Art of Restoration

When you were still a student, living under your parent’s roof, the car that you can have depends on what they can afford and what they want you to have at the moment. Well, to drive around a Ferrari, Lamborghini or Porsche in high school is just too extravagant right, even if you really want one.

However, when you start earning your own money, you get to start saving up for a dream car that you have been eyeing for so long.

At first you probably desire those Mercedes-Benz convertible that everybody seems to be hooked on, or an SUV with leather seats and a cutting-edge navigation systems but sometimes as you grow older your preferences changes.

You may start appreciating the beauty of vintage cars that you don’t even shoot a single glance before, like the 1955 Chevy Bel-Air your playmates dad when you were 7 drives to work every day, your granddads old Sunbeam Tiger that he uses to take you to the zoo or the Pontiac GTO that you always see in the movies. Or that classic Mustang that you had in high school that you didn’t like very much, but had no other choice but to use it, that had been sitting at your ancestral house for a long time now?

But then, those kinds of cars are hard to find nowadays, used cars on the other hand may be available but may be carrying a lot of mechanical, upholstery and not to mention exterior problems.
Despite all of that, don’t be disappointed, restoration can save your day. Time, money and ambition when combined together can make an old vintage car look and run like a brand new one.

Naturally, you have to realize that restoration is not magic, but if executed precisely and with proper car grooming you’ll be able to lay your hands on that classic vehicle and take it on the road with a condition as if you just bought it at the dealer’s shop the year it was made.

Fortunately for you, the technology of today even made the access to parts of old and obsolete cars easier, even weekend mechanics have sources for all kinds of guides and advice on restoration to give you a chance at that vintage car that you are drooling at.

Linggo, Marso 9, 2014

Hue and Your Car: What kind of a driver are you?

"People can have the Model T in any color - so long as it's black."—Henry Ford

The pioneer of Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, might want to crawl out from his grave and review his statement. Black cars fell off short in establishing one’s uniqueness and identity but it’s still the symbol of professionalism and elegance, hence, businessmen are on the road with their sleek, black and envy-worthy cars.

Car industry has now lots of car colors to offer from the staple black, gray and blue to colors such as bright yellow, energizing red and neon painted one. With the outrage for colors, car care is also at its peak as owners look for the best paint protection and grooming care. The physique of the car which includes the color and the overall appearance basically induce sales as 93% of car shoppers’ primary reason for purchasing a car was its visual appearance and 83% says that its due to the car exquisite car paint job and color.

Moreover, a research from the United Kingdom in 2009 relates the car hue to the driver’s attitude towards driving. This research findings concluded that black cars drivers were more likely to be involves in road accidents, whereas, softer or cream colored car drivers were less likely to be in an accident. Dynamic colors like red were highly picked by fast drivers, thus, red hot Ferrari are common in the car racing industry. In relation to this, color psychology argued that colors, indeed, says something about our psyche. Theorists believed distant drivers prefer silver cars, people practices simple living opts for white cars, and pink cars are always associated with femininity.

However, certain factors like culture may tell otherwise on the meanings of colors that color psychology suggests allowing skeptics to not favor the color theory. For example, color pink in other cultural contexts symbolizes masculinity and slain warriors, not femininity. Even with the debate whether color reflects personality, here are some of the colors and what it may tell about you:

White :
You are fastidious, enjoying simple life, have strong attention to detail & are possibly a perfectionist
Pink :
Gentle, loving, and caring
Red :
You are energetic, dynamic and have a lust of life
Purple :
You are creative, unafraid of stepping outside of the norm and happy to be seen as unique
Blue :
You are confident, quiet, and dependable
Green :
You are trustworthy, traditional, and balanced, but can also be lively and occasionally hysterical
Yellow :
You are upbeat, intelligent, and young at heart
You are practical, reliable, down to earth, and pragmatic
Grey :
You are calm, sober, and very career-driven
Silver :
You are calm, cool, elegant, futuristic, and possibly detached
Black :
You are conservative, empowered, elegant and professional

Whatever your reasons are for choosing your car color, may it be the staple sleek black, bright neon yellow, or the forever red hot, one thing is for sure; to maintain its appearance, proper care and maintenance is needed. Right grooming services provider, right paint protection products, and right tools are the keys!